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Hogarth painting the comic muse

[Hogarth painting the comic muse] [realia].
[London] : [Wm. Hogarth], [1764]
Physical Description
1 item : copper printing plate ; plate 40.8 x 35.0 cm
Title, state, publisher, and date from Paulson.
After the painting in the National Portrait Gallery.
For a description of prints from this plate, see R. Paulson, Hogarth's graphic works (3rd ed.), no. 204.
See Catalogue of engraved British portraits preserved in the Department of Print and Drawings of the British Museum, v. 2, p. 539.
A self-portrait of Hogarth painting Thalia, the Comic Muse holding a satyr's mask in her left hand and a book in her right hand. On the pillar to her left is engraved the words "Comedy 1764." Hogarth is seated in a chair leaning forward toward the easel, looking to right, wearing an indoor cap and a loose coat; he holds a palette, brushes and palette knife, a pot of oil on the floor beside the chair. A volume of prints and a burin can be seen in a niche in the wall behind the easel. Leaning against the leg of the easel is a copy of "Analysis of Beauty", the accompanying print protruding from its pages.
Variant and related titles
Caption title William Hogarth 1764
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November 26, 2012
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