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News frames and national security : covering big brother

News frames and national security : covering big brother / Douglas M. McLeod, University of Wisconsin, Madison ; Dhavan V. Shah, University of Wisconsin, Madison.
New York, NY, USA : Cambridge University Press, 2015.
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xv, 220 pages ; 24 cm.
"Covering 'Big Brother' weaves together two fundamental concerns about cotemporary politics and mass media: (1) the tension between national security and civil liberties that was thrust center stage by the War on Terror following the 9/11 attacks and reemerged as a defining issue with Edward Snowden's revelations about the scope of the surveillance state, and (2) the power of media to render targeted groups suspicious and spur support for government surveillance powers. Doug McLeod and Dhavan Shah provide models for studying the influence of media content, particularly how the framing of media coverage, driven by choices journalists to personify the news, have sweeping implications for public willingness to sacrifice civil liberties in the interest of protecting national security. Covering 'Big Brother' is a seminal and timely text that traces how news production shapes citizens' judgments about tolerance and participation, written to be accessible to general audiences but rich with details for specialists"-- Provided by publisher.
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February 18, 2015
Communication, society, and politics.
Communication, society and politics
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Understanding Message Framing and Effects
Framing Surveillance and the War on Terror
Designing the Studies (with Lucy Atkinson, Seungahn Nah, and Hyunseo Hwang)
Converging Cues and the Spread of Activation (with Jaeho Cho and Homero Gil de Zuniga)
Cognitive Complexity and Attitude Structure (with Hyunseo Hwang, Jaeho Cho, Seungahn Nah, and Nam-Jin Lee)
Security Concerns and Tolerance Judgments (with Heejo Keum and Hernando Rojas)
Group Perceptions and Expressive Action (with Michael G. Schmierbach, Michael P. Boyle, and Cory L. Armstrong)
Covering "Big Brother"
Appendix A: Measurement Details for Arab Study
Appendix B: Measurement Details for Response Latency
Appendix C: Measurement Details for Activist Study: Closed-ended Responses
Appendix D: Measurement Details for Activist Study: Open-ended Responses.
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