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Nijmegen [Netherlands] : [Knust Press], [1984]-[1986?]
juli 1984-[1986] Nijmegen [Netherlands] : Knust
Physical Description
8 volumes : illustrations (some color) ; 11-21 cm
Began with 1; ceased with [8].
Numbering Peculiarities
Issues for juli 1984-maart 1985 lack numbering but constitute 2-4.
Issue with phrase on cover "Le juge dit: enschede n'existe pas" lacks numbering but constitutes 7.
Issue with phrase on cover "Blad op het haze peper pad" lacks numbering but constitutes 8.
Number [6] (maart 1985) has chronological designation on sheat of additional material stapled to internal page.
Numbers 5, 7-8 lack chronological designation.
Local Notes
BEIN 2015 +S13: Some issues have sequential stamped numbers unrelated to issue numbering. These are: 1: 000003; 2 (maart 1984): 000022; 3 (juli 1984): 000369; 4 (okt. 1984): 000482 [?]; 6 (maart 1985): 000786; 7: 001158; 8: 001386.
BEIN 2015 +S13: Number 5 removed from cassette tape case and housed in small cardboard box in folder; empty cassette case housed in a separate cardboard box in same folder.
BEIN 2015 +S13: Metal paper clips in number 7 removed and replaced with plastic paper clips; metal clips discarded.
Numbers 2-4 and 6-7 have additional material printed on separate sheets that are stapled, glued, paper-clipped, or inserted into the issue.
Number 5 issued as a set of 8 small stapled booklets, with a folded title sheet, contained within a cassette tape case.
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May 20, 2015
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Dutch Counterculture Collection (Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library). Knust Press.
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