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Comfort's of a bed of roses vide Charley's elucidation of Lord C-stl-r-gh's speech!

Comfort's of a bed of roses [graphic] : vide Charley's elucidation of Lord C-stl-r-gh's speech! / J. Gillray inv. & fect.
[London] : Pubd. April 21st, 1806, by H. Humphrey, 27 St. James's Street, [21 April 1806]
Physical Description
1 print : etching with aquatint ; plate mark 26.4 x 37 cm, on sheet 29.6 x 42 cm
wove paper
Title etched below image.
Text following title: A nightly scene near Cleveland Row.
From a collection in twelve volumes probably compiled by Francis Harvey and sold at auction, Sotheby, London, June 1900. Bequest of Hugh Dudley Auchincloss to Yale University Library, 1981. Bound by Riviere & Son in three-quarters red morocco with gold tooling and gold lettering on spine.
"Fox and his wife, facing the spectator, sleep in a magnificent , ducal bed, whose head and curtains form a background to the design. They disturbed by nightmares. Fox extends both arms in gloomy terror as Naooleon springs on his bed (r.) and seizes the collar of his night-shirt, the other side of which is tugged at by the ghost of Pitt (l.) who floats towards him dressed in a shroud, and supporting the curtain with his left. arm. Pitt exclaims: "Awake, arise, or be for ever fall'n!" Fox's head is jerked forward, his hair rises, and his (bonnet-rouge) night-cap falls off. Napoleon leaps from a cannon on which his left. toe rests. It is inscribed 'Pour Subjuguer le Monde' [cf. BMSat 10599, &c.]. Behind it, and forming a background to the right. of the design, are clouds of fiery smoke, from which emerge a forest of spears with an imperial eagle topping a banner inscribed: 'Horrors of Invasion'. Napoleon wears his feathered bicorne with spurred jack-boots and raises his sword fiercely. An eagle whose (tricolour) collar is inscribed 'Prussia hovers menacingly over Fox'. The fringed bed-cover is covered with a pattern of roses; from under it (l.) project heavy jagged thorn-branches with a few roses; the branches are inscribed: 'India Roses', 'Emancipation Roses', 'French Roses', 'Coalition Roses', 'Volunteer Roses'. A ghastly creature, Death, crawls from under the coverlet, which rests on the carpeted floor: a grinning skull-like jaw appears; a corpse-like arm holds up an hour-glass whose sands are almost run out. Round the arm is twined a tricolour ribbon inscribed 'Intemperance', 'Drosy [sic]', 'Dissolution'; its r. hand clutches a spear. A bull-dog, its collar inscribed 'John Bull', snarls savagely at Napoleon, resting its fore-paws on the foot of the bed: it befouls a paper: 'List of the N[ew] Broad-Bottom Administr[ation] [cf. BMSat 10530], 'Citizen Volp[one]' [cf. BMSat 9892, &c], 'Lord Pogy' [Grenville's nickname] ' - Bett Armstead' [Mrs. Fox], 'Doctor Clysterpipe' [Sidmouth, cf. BMSat 9849], 'Miss Petty' [Lord H. Petty]. On the head of the bed are the arms of the Duke of Bedford, with his motto, 'Che Sara Sara' (Mr. and Mrs. Fox were in Bedford's house in Arlington Street). A patterned carpet covers the floor."--British Museum online catalogue.
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June 04, 2015
Catalogue of prints and drawings in the British Museum, v. 8, no. 10558
Wright, T. Works of James Gillray, the caricaturist, p. 331
Wright, T. Historical and descriptive account of the caricatures by James Gillray, no. 316
Satires (Visual works) - England - 1806.
Etchings - England - London - 1806.
Watermarks (Paper) - Ruse & Turners - 1805.

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