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Britain and the narration of travel in the nineteenth century : texts, images, objects

Britain and the narration of travel in the nineteenth century : texts, images, objects / edited by Kate Hill.
Farnham, Surrey, England ; Ashgate Publishing Limited : Burlington, VT : Ashgate Publishing Company, [2016]
Physical Description
xii, 231 pages ; 24 cm
Includes index.
"Interrogating the multiple ways in which travel was narrated and mediated, by and in response to, nineteenth-century British travelers, this interdisciplinary collection examines to what extent these accounts drew on and developed existing tropes of travel. The three sections take up personal and intimate narratives that were not necessarily designed for public consumption, tales intended for a popular audience, and accounts that were more clearly linked with discourses and institutions of power such as imperial processes of conquest and governance. Some narratives focus on the things the travelers carried such as souvenirs from the battlefields of Britain's imperial wars, while others show the complexity of Victorian dreams of the exotic. Still others offer a disapproving glimpse of Victorian mores through the eyes of indigenous peoples in contrast to the imperialist vision of British explorers. Swiss hotel registers, guest books, and guidebooks offer insights into the history of tourism, while new photographic technologies, the development of the telegraph system, and train travel transformed the visual, audial, and even the conjugal experiences. The contributors attend to issues of gender and ethnicity in essays on women travelers, South African travel narratives, and accounts of China during the Opium Wars and analyze the influence of fictional travel narratives. Taken together, these essays show how these multiple narratives circulated, cross-fertilised, and reacted to one another to produce new narratives, new objects, and new modes of travel"-- Provided by publisher.
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March 22, 2016
Introduction: narrative of travel, narratives that travel / Kate Hill
Spaces and places in motion. Arctic and European in-betweens: the production of tourist spaces in late nineteenth-century northern Norway / Ulrike Spring; "The formation of a surface": European travel in Charles Dickens' Little Dorritt / Charlotte Mathieson; Female space, feminine grace: ladies and the mid-Victorian railway / Kara Tennant
Narratives on the move. Hotel guest books and registers from Zermatt: a valuable source on nineteenth-century tourism in the Alps / Katarzyna Michalkiewicz and Patrick Vincent; "Nerves of the empire": rhetorical and literary strategies in the submarine telegraph technological travel narratives / Susan Shelangoskie; Thrills and quills: masculinity and location in three South African travel narratives (1834-1900) / Mathilda Slabbert
Tourism in the age of mechanical reproduction: aesthetics and advertisement in travel posters and luggage labels / Lori Brister
Cultural flows. The travelling other: a Māori narrative of a visit to Australia in 1874 / Conal McCarthy; Souvenirs: narrating overseas violence in the late nineteenth century / Kate Hill; British travels in China during the opium wars (1839-1860) / Louise Tythacott; "The untrammelled fancy of the scenic artist" : imagining and encountering Zanzibar in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century / Sarah Longair.

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