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Collection of advertising material, graphics, and miscellaneous material related to popular culture

Collection of advertising material, graphics, and miscellaneous material related to popular culture, approximately 1890-1978.
[approximately 1890-1978]
Physical Description
83 items : illustrations (some color) ; 7-79 cm
Local Notes
BEIN 2016 +180: From the Richard Merkin papers.
BEIN 2016 Folio 64: From the Richard Merkin papers.
BEIN BrSides Folio 2016 29: From the Richard Merkin papers.
BEIN BrSides Double Folio 2016 36: From the Richard Merkin papers.
BEIN 2016 +180 Folder 4: Illustration from issue of Puck (probably from October 30, 1915) originally received housed in plastic sleeve with price label "Brass Armadillo, vendor #149, booth #31, 10/30/15, $12"; sleeve discarded.
Collection title devised by cataloger.
Collection of miscellaneous popular culture-related material, including advertising material, trade cards, political cartoons, illustrations, fruit crate labels, a game, children's items, a page from an unidentified Tijuana Bible, and other ephemera. Trade cards are from approximately 1890, all other material appears to be 20th century, with latest known items dated 1978. Most material is American, with a few items from other nations.
Some individual items are present in multiple copies, most notably a set of crate labels for "Mr. Glad Brand" oranges, of which there are 30 copies.
Most items in English; a few items in Spanish; 1 item in German; 1 item in Chinese.
Variant and related titles
Kopeefun magic copy paper kit.
English; German; Spanish; Chinese
Added to Catalog
May 06, 2016
Call number 2016 +180: [Folder 1] Small ephemera, including trade cards, other advertising material, and "Comic Club" stamps
[Folder 2] Cards for the bingo-like "Hollywood" game, card numbers 1-10
[Folder 3] Ephemera related to the National Recovery Administration and the 1964 U.S. presidential election
[Folder 4] Political cartoons and 1 magazine illustration related to World War I
[Folder 5] Kopeefun magic copy paper kit [Elizabeth, N.J. : Embree Mfg. Co., 1935 and 1936]
[Folder 6] Bizzaro rubber stamp catalogue [Providence, Rhode Island : Bizzaro Inc., 1978]
[Folder 7] Miscellaneous: Mask of a man with glasses ; Illustration of a white boy putting on blackface ; Caricature of a suffragette ; Page from unidentified Tijuana Bible ; Brochure for Hotel Gaudi in Barcelona [1975?]
[Folder 8] Fruit crate labels for "Mr. Glad Brand" oranges, with prominent illustration of Stan Laurel (30 copies) [Valencia, Spain]
[Folder 9] American made quality marbles : The Ravenswood Novelty Works, Ravenswood, West Virginia (2 copies)
Call number 2016 Folio 64: [Folder 1] Magazine ad for Lucky Strike cigarettes
[Folder 2] Large ad for El cuño cigarettes
[Folder 3] Promotional placard for Potlatch of Progress in Seattle, 1938
[Folder 4] Advertising placard for Winnie Winkle cigars, 1937
[Folder 5] Advertising placard for "Actual detective" magazine (2 copies)
[Folder 6] Advertising placard for Yankee Girl tobacco ; Mounted souvenir cards of 3 1920s movie stars
[Folder 7] 2 color illustrations of nude women (possibly a printer's wall calendar dummies)
[Folder 8] "You live in our hearts," broadside memorial to 6 members of the Symbionese Liberation Army.
Call number BrSides Folio 2016 29: Goodwill towards all people / from Performing Dogs (holiday poster, copyrighted 1978 and autographed by Doug Johnson and Anne Leigh).
Call number BrSides Double Folio 2016 36: Advertising wall hanging for White Horse and Foot Ball cigarettes, with illustration and limited text in Chinese.
Subjects (Local Yale)
Popular culture.
Also listed under
Performing Dogs (Firm)

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