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The political theory of the American founding : natural rights, public policy, and the moral conditions of freedom

The political theory of the American founding : natural rights, public policy, and the moral conditions of freedom / Thomas G. West.
Cambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press, 2017.
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x, 420 pages ; 24 cm
This book provides a complete overview of the American Founders' political theory, covering natural rights, natural law, state of nature, social compact, consent, and the policy implications of these ideas. The book is intended as a response to the current scholarly consensus, which holds that the Founders' political thought is best understood as an amalgam of liberalism, republicanism, and perhaps other traditions. West argues that, on the contrary, the foundational documents overwhelmingly point to natural rights as the lens through which all politics is understood. The book explores in depth how the Founders' supposedly republican policies on citizen character formation do not contradict but instead complement their liberal policies on property and economics. Additionally, the book shows how the Founders' embraced other traditions in their politics, such as common law and Protestantism. -- Provided by publisher.
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February 07, 2018
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Equality, natural rights, and the laws of nature
The case against the natural rights founding
Equality and natural rights misunderstood
The founder's arguments for equality, natural rights, and natural law
The state of nature
The social compact and consent of the governed
Natural rights and public policy
Why government should support morality
How government supports morality
Sex and marriage in political theory and policy
Cultivating public support for liberty and virtue
What virtues should government promote?
The founder's virtues : questions and clarifications
The founder's understanding of property rights
Private ownership
Free markets
Sound money
The Hamilton-Jefferson quarrel
Conclusion : justice, nobility, and the politics of natural rights.

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