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Australia as US client state : the geopolitics of de-democratisation and insecurity

Australia as US client state : the geopolitics of de-democratisation and insecurity / Erik Paul.
[Basingstoke] : Palgrave Pivot, 2014.
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Has Australian democracy been hijacked by a coalition of neoliberal and neoconservative interests? This timely study explores Australia's position as a US client state and why Australia's foreign policy is an extension of US foreign policy. Analysing the geopolitical economy of de-democratisation in Australia, Paul examines the influence of the US on Australia's economy and relations with Asia, including China. Paul argues that the fusion of the corporate and security state in Australia is largely embedded in the American empire project, and that powerful special interests control domestic and foreign policy. An alternative is for Australia to become more democratic and transform the Australian economy from a war to a peace economy. But this is highly unlikely in view of the 2013 election of a neoliberal and nationalistic government pledged to further transfer public power and wealth to the corporate sector and to advance US economic and military interests. A valuable contribution to debates on geopolitical economy, power and peace, this book provides a revealing insight into Australia's insecurity and governance, and its impact on the wider Asia-Pacific region.
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