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Transport Phenomena and Kinetic Theory Applications to Gases, Semiconductors, Photons, and Biological Systems

Transport Phenomena and Kinetic Theory [electronic resource] : Applications to Gases, Semiconductors, Photons, and Biological Systems / edited by Carlo Cercignani, Ester Gabetta.
Boston, MA : Birkhäuser Boston, 2007.
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The study of kinetic equations related to gases, semiconductors, photons, traffic flow, and other systems has developed rapidly in recent years because of its role as a mathematical tool in many applications in areas such as engineering, meteorology, biology, chemistry, materials science, nanotechnology, and pharmacy. Written by leading specialists in their respective fields, this book presents an overview of recent developments in the field of mathematical kinetic theory with a focus on modeling complex systems, emphasizing both mathematical properties and their physical meaning. The overall presentation covers not only modeling aspects and qualitative analysis of mathematical problems, but also inverse problems, which lead to a detailed assessment of models in connection with their applications, and to computational problems, which lead to an effective link of models to the analysis of real-world systems. The book is divided into three parts: Part I presents fundamental aspects of the Boltzmann equation; Part II deals with the modeling of semiconductor devices as well as related applications and computational topics; Part III covers a variety of applications in physics and the natural sciences, offering a range of very different conceivable developments of mathematical kinetic theory. Transport Phenomena and Kinetic Theory is an excellent self-study reference for graduate students, researchers, and practitioners working in pure and applied mathematics, mathematical physics, and engineering. The work may be used in courses or seminars on selected topics in transport phenomena or applications of the Boltzmann equation. .
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Modeling and simulation in science, engineering & technology.
Modeling and Simulation in Science, Engineering and Technology,
Analytic Aspects of the Boltzmann Equation
Rigorous results for conservation equations and trend to equilibrium in space-inhomogeneous kinetic theory
Results on optimal rate of convergence to equilibrium for spatially homogeneous Maxwellian gases
Nonresonant velocity averaging and the Vlasov-Maxwell system
Modeling Applications, Inverse and Computational Problems in Quantum Kinetic Theory
Multiband quantum transport models for semiconductor devices
Optimization models for semiconductor dopant profiling
Inverse problems for semiconductors: models and methods
Deterministic kinetic solvers for charged particle transport in semiconductor devices
Miscellaneous Applications in Physics and Natural Sciences
Methods and tools of mathematical kinetic theory towards modelling complex biological systems
Kinetic modelling of late stages of phase separation
Ground states and dynamics of rotating Bose-Einstein condensates
Two inverse problems in photon transport theory: evaluation of a time-dependent source and of a time-dependent cross section.
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Gabetta, Ester.
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