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The Oxford handbook of dance and competition

The Oxford handbook of dance and competition / edited by Sherril Dodds.
New York, NY : Oxford University Press, [2019]
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xx, 662 pages ; 26 cm
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Handbook of dance and competition
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February 01, 2019
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Taking the cake : Black dance, competition, and value / Nadine George-Graves
You've got to sell it! : performing on the dance competition stage / Karen Schupp
Competitive capers : gender, gentility, and dancing in early modern England / Emily Winerock
Endangered strangers : tracking competition in US federal dance funding / Sarah Wilbur
Marking your territory : the struggle to work in flamenco / Kathy Milazzo
Reappropriating choreographies of authenticity in Mexico : competitions and the dance of the old men / Ruth Hellier-Tinoco
Above and beyond the battle : virtuosity and excess within televised street dance crew competitions / Laura Robinson
Shifting dynamics : Sean Nós dancing, vernacular expression, and the competitive arena of the Oireachtas / Catherine E. Foley
Visible rhythms : competition in English tap practice / Sally Crawford-Shepherd
The International Dancehall Queen Competition : a discursive space for competing images of femininity / Celena Monteiro
Congratulations, we wish you success : competition and community participation in Romanian dance festivals / Liz Mellish
Non-competitive body states : corporeal freedom and innovation in contemporary dance / Nalina Wait and Erin Brannigan
Reclaiming competitive tango : the rise of Argentina's Campeonato Mundial / Juliet McMains
Dance-off, or a battle for the future : dance reality shows in India / Pallabi Chakravorty
Miss Exotic World : judging the neo-burlesque movement / Kaitlyn Regehr
Rapper dance adjudication : aesthetics, discourse, and decision making / Jeremy Carter-Gordon
Dismantling the genre : reality dance competitions and layers of affective intensification / Elena Benthaus
Why are breaking battles judged? : the rise of international competitions / Mary Fogarty
Not another Don Quixote! : negotiating China's position on the international ballet stage / Rowan McLelland
Dancing with the Asian American stars : Margaret Cho and the failure to win / Yutian Wong
Loss of face : intimidation, derision, and failure in the hip hop battle / Sherril Dodds
Making play work : competition, spectacle, and intersubjectivity in hybrid martial arts / Janet O'Shea
You can't out-do Black people : Soul Train, queer witnessing, and pleasurable competition / Melissa Blanco Borelli
Freedom to compete : neoliberal contradictions in Gaga intensives / Meghan Quinlan
We'll rumble 'em right : aggression and play in the dance-offs of West Side Story / Ying Zhu and Daniel Belgrad
Dancing like a man : competition and gender in the New Orleans Second Line / Rachel Carrico
Man and money ready : challenge dancing in antebellum North America / April F. Masten
Afterword : who is competing? / Susan Leigh Foster.

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