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Viewing new creations with Anabaptist eyes : ethics of biotechnology

Viewing new creations with Anabaptist eyes : ethics of biotechnology / edited by Roman J. Miller, Beryl H. Brubaker, and James C. Peterson ; foreword by James F. Childress.
Telford, Pa. : Cascadia Pub. House ; Scottdale, Penn. : Herald Press, ©2005.
Physical Description
308 pages : illustrations, map ; 23 cm
"Based on the conference, "Ethics of Biotechnology: Viewing New Creations with Anabaptist Eyes," held in November 2003 at Eastern Mennonite University"--Preface.
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July 15, 2019
Includes bibliographical references and index.
The new genetics : stem cell research and cloning / John D. Gearhart
Who shall we be? A response to John Gearhart / James C. Peterson
Human genetic therapies and manipulations / Leslie G. Biesecker
Genetically modified plants and organisms / Carole L. Cramer
Shaping creation : a response to Leslie Biesecker and Carole Cramer / James C. Peterson
Audience questions : genetic modifications
Viewing bioethics through Anabaptist eyes / Roman J. Miller
The biotechnology vision : insight from Anabaptist values / Conrad G. Brunk
Ethical issues in biotechnology : human embryonic stem cell research and the Anabaptist vision / LeRoy B. Walters.
An ethic of caring / Beryl H. Brubaker
Eugenics, genetic screening, and the slippery slope / Ruth Swartz Cowan
Crosscultural approach to biotechnology / Kabiru Kinyanjui
Emerging biotechnologies : a historical perspective / Carl D. Bowman
Biotechnology through the lens of the poet's pen / Barbra R. Graber
Biotechnology through the lens of public policy / Laura E. Powers
Biotechnology through a nursing ethics lens / Arlene G. Wiens
Natural selection or genetic modification? Biotechnology and business / Mike E. Baker
The farmer's future : biotechnology from an agricultural perspective / Carole L. Cramer
Menno Simons, Anabaptism, and the promises of biotechnology / Lawrence E. Ressler.
The face of overpowering knowledge / Randall L. Longenecker
Biotechnology and agriculture : an Anabaptist response / Emerson D. Nafziger
Biotechnology and public policy : an Anabaptist response / Timothy S. Jost
Bioethics : how will Anabaptists respond? / Graydon F. Snyder
Pastoral concerns : parental anxiety and other issues of character / Joseph J. Kotva Jr.
Audience questions : perspectives
Anabaptist eyes on biotechnology / Stanley M. Hauerwas
Technology, justice, and questions / Joseph J. Kotva Jr.
Biotechnology and the future / Conrad G. Brunk
Facing biotechnology as an alternative community of worship, character, and discernment / Joseph J. Kotva Jr.
All considered : shared themes and growing edges / James C. Peterson.
Conference papers and proceedings.

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