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France and the German question, 1945-1990

France and the German question, 1945-1990 / edited by Frédéric Bozo and Christian Wenkel.
New York : Berghahn, 2019.
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vi, 299 pages ; 24 cm
"In the immediate aftermath of World War Two, the victors were unable to agree on Germany's fate, and the separation of the country--the result of the nascent Cold War--emerged as a de facto, if provisional, settlement. Yet East and West Germany would exist apart for half a century, making the 'German question' a central foreign policy issue--and given the war-torn history between the two countries, this was felt no more keenly than in France. Drawing on the most recent historiography and previously untapped archival sources, this volume shows how France's approach to the German question was, for the duration of the Cold War, both more constructive and consequential than has been previously acknowledged"-- Provided by publisher.
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Online version: France and the German question, 1945-1990 New York : Berghahn Books, 2019
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September 04, 2019
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Introduction / Frederic Bozo and Christian Wenkel
France and the German question, 1945-1949 : on the interdependence of historiography, methodology, and interpretations / Rainer Hudemann
Economic and industrial issues in France's approach to the German question in the post-war period / Francoise Berger
France, German rearmament, and the German question, 1945-1955 / Michael H. Creswell
Impossible allies? Soviet views of France and the German question in the 1950s / Geoffrey Roberts
An arbiter between the superpowers : Charles De Gaulle and the German question, 1958-1969 / Garret J. Martin
The German question in the eastern policies of France and Germany in the 1960s / Benedikt Schoenborn
Perceptions of Ostpolitik : French-West German relations and the evolving German question under Brandt and Pompidou / Gottfried Niedhart
France, the CSCE, and the German question / Nicolas Badalassi
The economic and monetary dimensions of the German question : a French perspective, 1969-1979 / Guido Thiemeyer
The French "obsession" with the German question : Willy Brandt, Francois Mitterrand, the German question, and German unification, 1981-1990 / Bernd Rother
All about Europe? France, Great Britain and the question of German unification, 1989-90 / Ilaria Poggiolini
Franco-Soviet relations, German unification, and the end of the Cold War / Frederic Bozo
Towards a new Anschluss? : France and the German and Austrian questions, 1945-55 / Thomas Angerer
France, Poland, and Germany's eastern border, 1945-1990 : the recurrent issue of the German question in French-Polish relations / Pierre-Frederic Weber
A surprising continuity : the French attitude and policy towards the GDR, 1949-1990 / Christian Wenkel.

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