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Provocations : collected essays

Provocations : collected essays / Camille Paglia.
First edition.
New York : Pantheon Books, [2018]
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xvii, 712 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm
"A lavishly comprehensive collection of essays, articles, columns, and interviews from the inimitable intellectual firebrand: tackling topics from Picasso to punk rock, from religion to Rihanna, and covering the full span of her wide-ranging and important career. Much has changed since Camille Paglia first burst onto the scene with her best-selling Sexual Personae, but her laser-sharp insight, matchless wit, and fearless commentary continue to be ahead of the curve--not only capturing the tone of the moment, but often anticipating it. Provocations gathers together a rich, varied body of work from this important public intellectual who works across a dazzling array of platforms--from the lecture halls of academia to her column at Salon to the pages of The Hollywood Reporter. Whatever your political inclination or cultural touchstones, Camille's takes on the rise of the right, the death of Prince, developing a writing style, the state of LGBT activism, and presidents past and present (to name just a few topics) are thought-provoking, compulsively readable, and not to be missed. An original introduction by the author sets a galvanizing--and inspiring--tone for the book"-- Provided by publisher.
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August 29, 2019
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Popular culture
The grandeur of old Hollywood
Art of song lyric
On Rihanna
The death of Prince Theater of gender: David Bowie at the climax of the sexual revolution
Punk rock
Living with music: a playlist
Oscar style A love letter to Joan Rivers Rock around the clock The Guardian questionnaire The death of Gianni Versace The Italian way of death
Women and magic in Alfred Hitchcock
The waning of European art film
The decline of film criticism Movie music Homer on film: a voyage through The Odyssey, Ulysses, Helen of Troy and Contempt
Sex, gender, women
Sex quest in Tom of Finland
Women and law
On Jewish-American feminists
Portrayals of Middle Eastern women in Western culture
On Ayn Rand
The death of Helen Gurley Brown
Legends of Diana
Deconstructing the demise of Martha Stewart
Feminism and transgenderism
Movies, art and sex war
The unbridled lust for blurbs
Teaching Shakespeare to actors
Scholars talk writing: Camille Paglia
Shakespeare's Antony and Cleopatra
Tennessee Williams and A streetcar named Desire
Dance of the sense: natural vision and psychotic mysticism in Theodore Roethke
Final cut: the selection process for Break, blow, burn
Western love poetry
"Stay, illusion": ambiguity in Shakespeare's Hamlet
Columbia Journal interview: writing
The death of Norman Mailer
Dispatches from the new frontier: writing for the Internet
On Andy Warhol
Millennium masterworks: the Mona Lisa
Picasso's Girl before a mirror
More mush from the NEA
Dance: the most fragile of the arts
Controversy at the Brooklyn Museum
The magic of images: word and picture in a media age
Free speech and the modern campus
On canons
The right kind of multiculturalism
Cant and fad in classics: review of Victor Davis Hanson and John Heath, Who killed Homer?
Intolerance and diversity in three cities: ancient Babylon, Renaissance Venice and nineteenth-century Philadelphia
On genius
The mighty river of classics: tradition and innovation in modern education
The North American intellectual tradition
Erich Neumann: theorist of the Great Mother
Slippery scholarship: review of John Boswell, Same-sex unions in premodern Europe
Making the grade: the Gay Studies ghetto
Gay ideology in public schools
The death of Claude Lévi-Strauss
The Columbine school massacre
Vocational education and revalorization of the trades
No to the invasion of Iraq
Language and the left
Camp insensitivity
Bill Clinton: the hormonal President
Sarah Palin: country woman
Donald Trump: Viking dragon
Jesus and the Bible
That old-time religion
Cults and cosmic consciousness: religious vision in the American 1960s
Religion and the arts in America
Resolved: religion belongs in the curriculum
St. Teresa of Avila
A media chronicle

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