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The Beats : a literary history

The Beats : a literary history / Steven Belletto.
9781316817179 (ebook)
9781107176683 (hardback)
9781316629918 (paperback)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2020.
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Kerouac. Ginsberg. Burroughs. These are the most famous names of the Beat Generation, but in fact they were only the front line of a much more wide-ranging literary and cultural movement. This critical history takes readers through key works by these authors, but also radiates out to discuss dozens more writers and their works, showing how they all contributed to one of the most far-reaching literary movements of the post-World War II era. Moving from the early 1940s to the late 1960s, this book explores key aesthetic and thematic innovations of the Beat writers, the pervasiveness of the Beatnik caricature, the role of the counterculture in the post-war era, the involvement of women in the Beat project, and the changing face of Beat political engagement during the Vietnam War era.
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March 24, 2020
Get Hip, My Soul: How It All Started (1944-1948). The Wild Outre Gang of Columbia Campus: The Beginnings of a Movement
Write for Them About Them Personally: The Beats and Avant-Garde Literary Networks at Midcentury
Underground to Literary Celebrity (1948-1957). Hipsters in the Zoo: How the Beats Came Up from the Underground
The Rise of the Beat Novel: Factualism to Spontaneity
The Rise of Beat Poetry: Raw Experience Meets Raw Language
The Beatnik Era and the Profusion of Beat Literature (1958-1962). The Establishment Strikes Back: Beat Becomes Beatnik
Little Magazines and Subterranean Networks
The Opening of the Field
Revisions of the Real
Ignus: from the Beat Hotel to Pull My Daisy
Beat Politics (1962-1969). The Women Who Said Something
Liberating Language
The Vietnam Effect

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