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Breaching the civil order : radicalism and the civil sphere

Breaching the civil order : radicalism and the civil sphere / edited by Jeffrey C. Alexander, Trevor Stack, Farhad Khosrokhavar.
9781108571050 (ebook)
9781108427234 (hardback)
9781108445986 (paperback)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2020.
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It is not only a paradox but something of an intellectual scandal that, in an era so shaken by radical actions and ideologies, social science has had nothing theoretically new to say about radicalism since the middle of the last century. Breaching the Civil Order fills this void. It argues that, rather than seeing radicalism in substantive terms - as violent or militant, communist or fascist - radicalism should be seen more broadly as any organized effort to breach the civil order. The theory is brilliantly made flesh in a series of case studies by leading European and American social scientists, from the destruction of property in the London race riots to the public militancy of Black Lives Matter in the US, the performative violence of the Irish IRA and the Mexican Zapatistas to the democratic upheavals of the Arab Spring, and from Islamic terrorism in France to Germany's right-wing populist Pegida.
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June 05, 2020
Wedging open established civil spheres : a comparative approach to their emancipatory potential / Trevor Stack
Radical protest in a university campus : performances of civil transition in Colombia / Carlo Tognato
Antiracism movements and the U.S. civil sphere : the case of Black Lives Matter / Stephen F. Ostertag
The civil sphere and its variants in light of the Arab revolutions and jihadism in Europe / Farhad Khosrokhavar
Restaging a vital center within radicalized civil societies : the media, performativity, and the Charlie Hebdo attack / María Luengo and Karoline Andrea Ihlebaek
Anti-immigrant movements and the self-poisoning of the civil sphere : the case of Germany / Volker M. Heins and Christine Unrau
The civil sphere and the Irish Republican Movement, 1970-1998 / Anne Kane
"We all came together that day" : the 2011 English riots as an enactment of solidarity / Yasushi Tanaka-Gutiez
Disobedience in civil regeneration : radical transformations in the civil sphere / Maeve Cooke
Commentary / Liv Egholm.

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