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Maths meets myths : quantitative approaches to ancient narratives

Maths meets myths : quantitative approaches to ancient narratives / Ralph Kenna, Máirín MacCarron, Pádraig MacCarron, editors.
Switzerland : Springer, ©2017.
Physical Description
x, 228 pages : illustrations (some colour), maps ; 25 cm.
Softcover reprint of the hardcover I st edition 2016
With an emphasis on exploring measurable aspects of ancient narratives, Maths Meets Myths sets out to investigate age-old material with new techniques. This book collects, for the first time, novel quantitative approaches to studying sources from the past, such as chronicles, epics, folktales, and myths. It contributes significantly to recent efforts in bringing together natural scientists and humanities scholars in investigations aimed at achieving greater understanding of our cultural inheritance. Accordingly, each contribution reports on a modern quantitative approach applicable to narrative sources from the past, or describes those which would be amenable to such treatment and why they are important. This volume is a unique state-of-the-art compendium on an emerging research field which also addresses anyone with interests in quantitative approaches to humanities.
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September 16, 2020
Understanding complex systems.
Springer complexity.
Understanding complex systems
Springer complexity
Includes bibliographical references.
Introduction / Ralph Kenna, Máirín MacCarron, and Pádraig MacCarron
Cognitive and network constraints in real life and literature / Robin Dunbar
A networks approach to mythological epics / Ralph Kenna and Pádraign MacCarron
Medieval historical, hagiographical and biographical networks / Robert Gramsch, Máirín MacCarron, Pádraign MacCarron, and Joseph Yose
Peopling of the New World from data on distributions of folklore motifs / Yuri E. Berezkin
Phylogenetics meets folklore: bioinformatics approaches to the study of international folktales / Jamshid J. Tehrani and Julien d'Huy
Analyses of a virtual world / Yurij Holovatch, Olesya Mryglod, Michael Szell, and Stefan Thurner
GhostScope: conceptual mapping of supernatural phenomena in a large folklore corpus / peter M. Broadwell and Timothy R. Tangherlini
Complex networks of words in fables / Yurij Holovatch and Vasyl Palchykov
Analysing and restoring the chronology of the Irish Annals / Daniel McCarthy
Mapping literate networks in early Medieval Ireland / Elva Johnston
How quantitative methods can shed light on a problem of comparative mythology: the myth of the struggle for supremacy between two groups of deities reconsidered / David Weiss.

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