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Brexit expelling darkness

Brexit expelling darkness [art original] / after James Gillray ; © Steve Bell 2018.
Brighton, England, [19 July 2018]
Copyright Notice Date
Brighton, England : Steve Bell, 2018
Physical Description
1 drawing : pen and ink and watercolor ; image 7 x 20 cm, on sheet 23 x 31 cm
Title inscribed in lower left corner.
Signed by the artist at top of image; dated by the artist along left edge.
With a stamp on the verso with the artist's name, address, contact information, and copyright date.
""--Embossed on sheet between images and on upper edge right (trimmed).
"19-7-7899"--Numbered in black ink in artist's hand along the left edge of image.
With a second sheet of paper hinged on top with the number: 7897-17-7-18, 7897-18-7-18, 7897-19-7-18.
Purchased from the artist, July 2021.
Fourth in a series of "If" strips, published in The Guardian on 19 July 2018. Continuing the Gillray theme, this cartoon parodies Gillray's 1795 print "Light expelling darkness, evaporation of Stygian exhalations, or, The sun of the Constitution rising superior to the clouds of Opposition" and turns to the more parochial question of Britain's exit from the European Union. 'Brexit', ostensibly has nothing whatsoever to do with either Putin (here driving the chariot) or Trump, though the latter, depicted here as a toilet/chariot had expressed his support for the project. Two years had elapsed since the surprise referendum vote for Britain to leave the EU, which ended the career of pro-Remain Prime Minister David Cameron, depicted here as a blushing pink Sun. The chariot is drawn by Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage, leaders of the 'Leave' campaign, and guided by the flying figure of Cameron's immediate successor as Prime Minister, Theresa May. May had held a snap general election in 2017 in order to strengthen her slim majority in parliament while she negotiated Britain's exit, and had succeeded, against all expectations, in destroying her majority altogether. Brexit has more often than not been compared with leaping off the edge of a cliff. Maddened by their own conviction, they gallop towards the edge.
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August 24, 2021
Steve Bell, Brexit Expelling Darkness. The Lewis Walpole Library, Yale University.
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Steve Bell, Brexit Expelling Darkness. The Lewis Walpole Library, Yale University.
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