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A companion to the archaeology of early Greece and the Mediterranean

A companion to the archaeology of early Greece and the Mediterranean / edited by Irene S Lemos, Antonis Kotsonas.
Hoboken, NJ : Wiley-Blackwell, [2020]
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2 volumes (xxviii, 1,384 pages) : illustrations (some color), maps ; 25 cm.
"The Companion to the Archaeology of Early Greece and the Mediterranean engages with the study of the society and material culture of the Aegean and the Mediterranean, from the 14th to the early 7th centuries. In the Aegean, this era is distinguished from earlier periods in displaying a (limited) range of written texts, and from later periods in missing proper historical accounts. In this era, extensive parts of the Aegean developed wide-ranging connections with the central and the eastern Mediterranean, but it was only from the second half of the 7th century that these connections expanded significantly to encompass North Africa, the western Mediterranean and the Black Sea"-- Provided by publisher.
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Online version: Companion to the archaeology of early Greece and the Mediterranean. Hoboken, NJ : Wiley-Blackwell, 2019
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December 03, 2021
Blackwell companions to the ancient world.
Blackwell companions to the ancient world
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Volume 1. Section 1 : The Background. Natural and Human Ecology : Geography, Climate, and Demography / John L. Bintliff
Evidence from Archaeology / Oliver T.P.K. Dickinson
Evidence from Written Sources / Lisa Bendell and Martin West
History of Research / Antonis Kotsonas. Part II : State and Society. The Rise of the Mycenaean Culture, Palatial Administration and Its Collapse / Joseph Maran and James C. Wright
From the Collapse of the Mycenaean Palaces to the Emergence of Early Iron Age Communities / Birgitta Eder and Irene S. Lemos
The Re-Emergence of Political Complexity / James Whitley
From the Near East to the Far West / Susan Sherratt
Mobility, Migration, and Colonization / Antonis Kotsanas and Jana Mokrišová
Script and Literacy / Philippa M. Steele
The Economy / Dimitri Nakassis
The People / Barbara A. Olsen
Religion and Cult / Matthew Haysom
Death and Burial / Yannis Galanakis. Section III : Material Culture and Society. Architecture / Ulrich Thaler
Wall Paintings / Andreas G. Vlachopoulos
Pottery / Walter Gauss and Florian Ruppenstein
Bronze Vessels / Hartmut Matthäus and Christian Vonhoff
Weapons / Matthew Lloyd
Tools / Nicholas Blackwell
Figurines and Sculpture / Melissa Vetters
Seals and Sealings / Olga Krzyszkowska
Textiles / Marie-Louise Nosch
Jewelry / Eleni Konstantinidi-Syvridi
Ivories / Iphigenia Tournavitou. Volume 2. Section IV : Regional Archaeologies of Greece and the Aegean. Sparta and Laconia / William Cavanaugh
Messenia / Jack L. Davis and Sharon R. Stocker
Mycenae and the Argolid / Joseph Maran and Alcestis Papadimitriou
The Corinthia / Ioulia Tzonou and Catherine Morgan
Athens and Attica / Alexandra Alexandridou
Thebes and Boeotia / Vasileios Aravantinos
Euboea / Irene S. Lemos
East Locris and Phocis / Antonia Livieratou
The Central West Mainland / Anastasia Gadolou and Kostas Paschalidis
The Central Ionian Islands / Catherine Morgan
Thessaly / Eleni Karouzou
The Thermaic Gulf / Stelios Andreou
Troy and the Northeastern Aegean / Carolyn C. Aslan
Ionia / Olivier Mariaud
The Southeastern Aegean / Mercourios Georgiadis
Naxos and the Cyclades / Andreas G. Vlachopoulos and Xenia Charalambidou
Knossos and North Central Crete / Elenis Hatzaki and Antonis Kotsonas
The Messara / Daniela Lefèvre-Novaro
Kavousi and the Mirabello Region / Donald C. Haggis. Section V : The Mediterranean. Shipwrecks / Christoph Bachhuber
Anatolia / Andreas Schachner
Cyprus / Artemis Georgiou and Maria Iacovou
Ugarit, Al Mina, and Coastal North Syria / Alexander Vacek
The Levant / Tzveta Manolova
Egypt / Jorrit M. Kelder
Sicily / Robert Leighton
Southern Italy / Marco Bettelli and Lucia Vagnetti
The Bay of Naples / Matteo D'Acunto
Sardinia / Paolo Bernardini
The Western Mediterranean / Eleftheria Pappa.

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