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Dietary Research and Cancer

Dietary Research and Cancer [electronic resource] / by Rajesh N. Gacche.
1st ed. 2021.
Singapore : Springer Singapore : Imprint: Springer, 2021.
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1 online resource (XX, 197 p.) 57 illus., 16 illus. in color.
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This book reviews all important aspects of dietary research associated with cancer with the aim of shedding new light on these conditions through combined understanding of traditional and new paradigms. The book is divided into 17 chapters, the first portion reinterprets healthy diets for cancer based on up-to-date evidence from a network science perspective, examining the dietary patterns, outcome of diet related clinical trials, emerging framework of molecular mechanisms and interactions of dietary interventions and their applications in personalized diet, ground realities of benefits and regulatory frame work for functional foods, nutraceuticals and supplements in cancer prevention and upcoming future prospectus in diet-cancer research.. The later part of the book discusses recent advances in understanding of the elaborative discourse on cancer and fasting, covering, for example, calorie restriction and fasting mimicking diet. Finally, different Dietary research and approaches are considered in the context of novel intervention for cancer research. Dietary Research in Cancer will be of interest for all researchers, nutritionists, students and clinicians in the field.
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November 03, 2021
Chapter 1. Introduction to Dietary Research and Cancer
Chapter 2. Healthy Dietary Patterns and Cancer
Chapter 3. Frequently Asked Diet and Nutrition Related Questions by Cancer Survivors
Chapter 4. Dietary Recommendations of Worldwide Cancer Related Organizations
Chapter 5. Outcome of 'Diet and Cancer' Related Clinical Trials
6. Diet and Cancer Epigenetics: A Step Towards Developing Cancer Epigenetic Diet
7. Role of Dietary Ingredients on Expression of Oncogenic and Tumor Suppressor miRNA
8. Can Diet Influence Metastasis?
9. Impact of Dietary Interventions on Cancer Stem Cells
10. Interaction of Dietary Metabolites with Anti-cancer Drug Targets
11. Revisiting the Anticancer Drug-Food Interactions
12. Functional Foods, Nutraceuticals, and Dietary Supplements in Cancer Prevention
13. Do Antioxidants Really Help Cancer Patients? The Puzzle of Benefits and Perils
14. Market of Dietary Supplements: Analysis of Health Benefits and Risk in Cancer
15. Cancer and Fasting: Can Fasting/Calorie Restriction (CR) or Fasting Mimicking Diet (FMD) Helps Fight Cancer? Molecular Basis of Fasting Response
16. Do Fasting, CR, and FMD Improves the Chemotherapy Response, Reduce Off Target Toxicities and Enhance Antitumor Immunity? Illusion or Clinical Reality?
17. Future Prospectus of Dietary Interventions in the Integrated Management of Cancer.
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