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The history of modern culture

The history of modern culture / Maurice Parmelee.
New York : Philosophical Library, c1960.
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1,295 pages ; 24 cm
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BEIN Gray Social Thought 3706: Dust jacket. From the library of Bradford H. Gray.
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Modern culture
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Online version: Parmelee, Maurice, 1882-1969. History of modern culture. New York, Philosophical Library [1960]
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June 16, 2022
Includes bibliographical references and index.
PART I: ORIGINS AND EARLY EVOLUTION. The universe and mankind
The threshold of social evolution
The emergence of mankind
The dynamics of behavior
The directives of behavior
The integration of behavior
The threshold of cultural evolution
The pre-literate accumulation of material culture
The linguistic pre-requisite of culture
Language and writing
The correlation of material and mental culture
The origins of social organization
The origins of industrial occupations
Environment and institutional evolution
The rise of animism : magic and religion
Sex, marriage and the family
Kinship bonds : clan, tribe, caste
The sources of social control
The forms of social control
The origins and nature of the state
The state as an agency of power
The first age of imperialism from Sargon (ca. 2341 B.C.) to Alexander (323 B.C.)
The Middle Age of imperialism to the fall of Rome (476 A.D.) and the Byzantine Empire to 1453 A.D.
Science and technology in the ancient world
The origin of social classes
Class dominance
Social stratification
PART II: EMERGENCE OF MODERN CULTURE. The transition from rigid status to class mobility
Feudalism and land tenure
The rise of modern nationalism from the medieval period
Science, invention and technology in the modern world
The modern age of imperialism from the discovery of America (1492)
The cost of economic imperialism
The rise of American imperialism in the 20th century
The politico-economic development of the state
The nature of capitalism
Finance and monopoly capitalism
Competition and capitalist waste
The contradictions of capitalism
A social economy : planning
Organized work and a world calendar
The effective distribution of wealth
The political aspect of a collectivist economy
War and social anarchy
What is geo-economic regionalism?
What are the geo-economic regions?
The world federation of geo-economic regions
The play function of sex
The regulation of sex
The double standard of sex freedom
The function of prostitutes
Free contractual marriage
Reproduction and population
PART III: GEOGRAPHICAL AND FUNCTIONAL FACTORS. The oriental and occidental cultural zones
The religious feast
Eastern mysticism and Western science
Oriental familism and occidental individualism
The recognition of sex in the Orient
Recreation in Orient and Occident
Nature and the artificial life in East ans West
The military and missionary invasion of the East
Oriental nationalism and imperialism
The interpretation of culture between East and West
Clothing : the utility and disutility of culture
Human esthetics
The gymnosophic society
The role of the fine arts
Radicalism and conservative
revolution and permanence
The division of labor and technological change
Invention and diffusion
Institutional selection and survival
Sex and ethics
The repudiation of the supernatural
Collectivism versus capitalism
The emergence of the world society
The eventual extinction of mankind
Theories of cultural evolution
Fallacies concerning culture.
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Bradford H. Gray Collection in the History of Social Thought (Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library)

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