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The ancient Romans : history and society from the early Republic to the death of Augustus

The ancient Romans : history and society from the early Republic to the death of Augustus / Matthew Dillon and Lynda Garland.
First edition.
Abingdon, Oxon ; New York, NY : Routledge, 2021.
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lxii, 755 pages : illustrations, maps ; 25 cm
"This textbook provides comprehensive coverage of the political, military and social history of ancient Rome from the earliest days of the Republic to its collapse and the subsequent foundations of the empire established by Augustus prior to his death in AD 14. Interspersed through the discussion of the political history of the period are crucial chapters on all aspects of Roman culture, including women, religion, slavery and manumission, overseas conquests and their impact, and life in the city of Rome, giving students a full understanding of republican society, culture and politics. With over 130 maps, illustrations and photographs, The Ancient Romans is lavishly illustrated, with a particular emphasis on coins as a valuable historical resource. It also closely references the authors' sourcebook, Ancient Rome: Social and Historical Documents from the Early Republic to the Death of Augustus, second edition (Routledge, 2015), allowing students to engage with the documentary evidence and written sources in a deep and meaningful way. The Ancient Romans: A Social and Political History from the Early Republic to the Death of Augustus is an indispensable resource for undergraduate students of the Roman Republic and its society and culture, as well as offering a comprehensive and compelling introduction for the interested reader"-- Provided by publisher.
Other formats
Online version: Dillon, Matthew, The ancient Romans First edition. New York : Routledge Taylor & Francis Ltd, 2021.
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October 19, 2022
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Partial contents
Early Republican Rome: 509-264 BC
The public face of Rome
Religion in the Roman Republic
The Punic Wars: Rome against Carthage
Rome's Mediterranean Empire
Slaves and freedmen
Women, sexuality and the family
Tiberius and Gaius Gracchus
Gaius Marius
The 'social' war
Lucius Cornelius Sulla 'Felix'
The collapse of the Republic
Civil War and dictatorship
Octavian's rise to power
The age of Augustus.

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