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Norman Cousins : peacemaker in the atomic age

Norman Cousins : peacemaker in the atomic age / Allen Pietrobon.
Baltimore, Maryland : Johns Hopkins University Press, 2022.
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vi, 429 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
"The author has written the first scholarly biography of Norman Cousins, who, as the editor and owner of the Saturday Review for more than thirty years, had a powerful platform from which to help shape American public debate. A staunch opponent of nuclear weapons, Cousins was involved in several secret diplomatic missions at the height of the Cold War, and acting as a private citizen, he played a major role in getting the Limited Test Ban Treaty signed"-- Provided by publisher.
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Peacemaker in the atomic age
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December 01, 2022
Johns Hopkins nuclear history and contemporary affairs.
Johns Hopkins nuclear history and contemporary affairs
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Educator for an atomic age
The formation of a vision
World War II
An anti-nuclear crusade
1946 : a new year in the atomic age
Witness to a catastrophe
An educational field trip to Germany
From editor's desk to world stage
In search of peace, Cousins rallies for war
Candidate of the intellectuals : Adlai Stevenson, 1952
From advocate to diplomat
Eisenhower's new look
A new project
The Hiroshima maidens
The anti-nuclear agenda
1956 : the anti-nuclear election campaign
SANE and the anti-testing campaign
The Ravensbrück Lapins and the communist connection
A cultural exchange of his own
The dawn of the Kennedy administration
Flashpoints : Berlin and the Congo
Cousins, the Vatican, and the Cuban Missile Crisis
The crisis abates but contacts continue
The breakthrough to the Limited Nuclear Test Ban Treaty
A sojourn with Khrushchev
The fight to ratify
1964 : near death and rebirth
Crusade against dirty air
Days of apprehension and confusion
The "Humphrey mission"
The scramble to prevent a bombing
Campaigning against (and during) a war
The Biafran War
The Saturday review's final crisis
The third act.

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