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Edwards, Germany, and transatlantic contexts

Edwards, Germany, and transatlantic contexts / Rhys Bezzant (ed.)
Göttingen : Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht GmbH, [2022]
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198 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
8 contributions in English, 1 in German.
"Jonathan Edwards engaged in notable ways with the church in Germany through his writings on spirituality, theology and missiology, but this contribution has rarely been acknowledged in academic publications. In this book scholars who have an interest in both Edwards and the church in Europe offer contributions to a significant worldwide conversation on Edwards's texts and teachings. He found an ally in Martin Luther, sought out encouragement from German Pietists, and engaged with Western traditions of philosophy which proved useful in sharpening subsequent reflection on God's work in the world. Edwards was not just a remote colonial American pastor, but an active participant in the transatlantic republic of letters and contributed to the birth of the global missions movement, for which the church in Germany was itself a significant base." --Provided by publisher
German; English
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January 06, 2023
New directions in Jonathan Edwards Studies ; v.3.
New Directions in Jonathan Edwards Studies ; v. 3
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Telling the story from Luther's Break of dawn to Edwards's Glorious gospel light / Rhys Bezzant
"The late Germanic turn of Jonathan Edwards" / Kenneth P. Minkema
Jonathan Edwards, Halle Piestism, and benevolent activity in early awakened Protestantism / Ryan P. Hoselton
Jonathan Edwards and the Dutch Great Awakening / Willem van Vlastuin
Jonathan Edwards' images: Eine Lektüre im Kontext von Prakiten der Sakralisierung des Alltags protestantischer Frömmigkeitskulturen dies- und jenseits des Atlantiks / Katharina Krause
Jonathan Edwards and Alexander Gottlieb Baumgarten: Aesthetic theology and the art of beautiful thinking / Philip Fisk
Edwards and Kant on God's end in creation / Walter J. Schulz
Edwards and Schleiermacher / Thorsten Dietz
Jonathan Edwards, American evangelicalism, and the Prussian Erweckungsbewegung, ca. 1815-1850 / Jan Stievermann.
Church history.
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