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Technological Advancement in Algal Biofuels Production

Technological Advancement in Algal Biofuels Production [electronic resource] / edited by Neha Srivastava, P. K. Mishra.
1st ed. 2023.
Singapore : Springer Nature Singapore : Imprint: Springer, 2023.
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This edited book presents all feasible approaches to improve technology of algal biofuels production at both qualitative and quantitative front. The book's focus in on enhancing mass scale production of algae based biofuels by addressing technological issues and filling the existing gaps to make it smooth for practical as well as commercial implementation. The book also explores in depth analysis of various issues other than technology and related to improve technological significance for practical biofuels production from algae. Low cost strategies and higher mass production is one of the most sounding agenda of the book. The book also evaluates enlighten various sustainable algal biofuels options which are close towards commercial application along with their green future prospect. Societal and environment friendly approach even for commercial application has also been discussed in book. This is a useful reading material for researchers and students of biofuels and reneable energy. .
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February 22, 2023
Clean Energy Production Technologies,
Clean Energy Production Technologies,
Chapter 1. Biotechnological approaches to enhance algae biofuel production
Chapter 2. The use of omics technologies, random mutagenesis, and genetic transformation techniques to improve algae for biodiesel industry
Chapter 3. Algal butanol production: recent developments
Chapter 4. Algal synthesis of gold nanoparticles: applications in bioenergy
Chapter 5. Challenges assessment in economic Algal biofuel Production
Chapter 6. Influence of culture conditions on the microalgae biomass and lipid accumulation
Chapter 7. Advanced genetic approaches towards custom design microalgae for fourth-generation biofuels
Chapter 8. Algal biofuel production from municipal waste waters
Chapter 9. Positive influence and future perspective of marine alga on biofuel production
Chapter 10. Algae bacterial mixed culture for waste to wealth conversation: a case study.
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Srivastava, Neha. editor.
Mishra, P. K. editor.
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