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Plant Microbiome for Plant Productivity and Sustainable Agriculture

Plant Microbiome for Plant Productivity and Sustainable Agriculture [electronic resource] / edited by Sagar Chhabra, Ram Prasad, Naga Raju Maddela, Narendra Tuteja.
1st ed. 2023.
Singapore : Springer Nature Singapore : Imprint: Springer, 2023.
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This edited book deals with latest comprehensive information on conventional and high throughput techniques and technologies that are recently used to study plant microbial interface for agricultural research and enhancing plant productivity. Plant microbiota are important for many plant growth promotion activity and agricultural productivity and are sustainable green technology for enhancing agricultural productivity under changing environment. The book covers recent information about the plant associated microbiota and their ecology. It discusses technologies to isolate and test microbiota inhabiting in different portion of plants. The book explores the conventional methods as well as the most recently recognized high throughput technologies which are important for productive agroecosystems to feed the growing global population. This book is of interest to teachers, researchers, microbiologist, plant and environmental scientist and those interested in environment stewardship around the world. Also the book serves as additional reading material for undergraduate and graduate students of agriculture, forestry, ecology, soil science, and environmental sciences and policy makers to be a useful to read.
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February 22, 2023
Microorganisms for Sustainability, 37
Microorganisms for Sustainability, 37
Chapter 1. Fungal microbiomes The functional potential for plant growth promotion and opportunities for agriculture
Chapter 2. Unearthing the Modern Trends and Concepts of Rhizosphere Microbiome in Relation to Plant Productivity
Chapter 3. The Role of the Root Microbiome in the Utilization of Functional Traits for Increasing Plant Productivity
Chapter 4. Crop microbiome for sustainable agriculture in special reference to nanobiology
Chapter 5. Changes in plant microbiome in response to abiotic stress
Chapter 6. Functional potential of plant microbiome for sustainable agriculture in conditions of abiotic stresses
Chapter 7. The Beneficial Plant Microbial Association for Sustainable Agriculture
Chapter 8. Microbiome of plants: The diversity distribution and their potential for sustainable agriculture
Chapter 9. Decoding Beneficial Plant Microbe Association with Latest Techniques for Sustainable Agriculture
Chapter 10. Phosphate solubilizing microorganisms Multifarious Applications
Chapter 11. Bacillus and Streptomyces for management of biotic stresses in plants for sustainable Agriculture
Chapter 12.Omic Route to Utilize Endophytes and their functional potentials in Plant Growth Advancement
Chapter 13. Siderophore production in Iron uptake and plant biofortification
Chapter 14. Plant microbiome diversity and potential for crops and sustainable agriculture
Chapter 15. Endophytic phytohormone production and utilization of functional traits in plant growth promotion
Chapter 16. Role of endophytic microorganisms in phosphate solubilization and phytoremediation of degraded soils
Chapter 17. Techniques to Study Plant-Microbe Interactions that Leads to Efficient Sustainable Agriculture
Chapter 18. Plant microbiome in agroecosystems for sustainable agriculture and environments. .

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