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Aquaculture Microbiology

Aquaculture Microbiology [electronic resource] / edited by John Thomas, Natarajan Amaresan.
1st ed. 2023.
New York, NY : Springer US : Imprint: Humana, 2023.
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1 online resource (XII, 204 p.) 15 illus., 11 illus. in color.
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This volume details techniques involved to study aquatic pathogens that cause infections, especially in fish. Chapters guide readers through a wide range of basic and advanced methods, viral and fungal pathogens, probiotic bacteria, treatment of pathogens using seaweed extract, medicinal plant extracts, and actinomycetes. Authoritative and cutting-edge, Aquaculture Microbiology aims to be a useful practical guide to researches to help further their study in this field. .
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Springer protocols (Series)
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April 05, 2023
Springer protocols (Series)
Springer Protocols Handbooks,
Isolation and identification of Aeromonas sp. from fishes
Isolation and identification of Edwardsiellosis causing microorganism
Methods for characterizing Flavobacterium in fish
Isolation and Identification of Citrobacter species
Isolation and Identification of Infectious Salmon anemia virus from shrimp
Isolation and Identification of Betanodavirus from shrimp
Isolation and Identification of Hemorrhagic septicemia virus from shrimp
Isolation and identification of pathogens from Fish: Tilapia Lake Virus (TiLV)
Isolation and identification of pathogens from shrimp: IHHNV
Isolation and Identification of Ichthyophonus hofer from fishes
Isolation and Identification of Branchiomyces demigrans from fishes
Isolation and identification of Microsporidian parasites, Enterocytozoon hepatopenaei infection of penaeid shrimp
Method for isolating and identifying probiotic bacteria from fishes
Isolation of probiotic bacteria from gut of the aquatic animals
Characterization of probiotic properties of isolated bacteria
Antibacterial activity of probiotic bacteria from aquaculture
Preparation of marine algal (seaweed) extracts and quantification of phytocompounds
Treating bacterial infections in fishes and shrimps using seaweed extracts
Preparation and treatment of seaweed encapsulated pellet feed in fisheries aquaculture
Treatment using seaweeds in fishes and shrimp by invivo method
Treatment using medicinal plants in fishes and shrimps
Preparation of Feed and Characterization of feed supplemented with phytocompounds
Isolation and identification of Actinomycetes
Assay of hemolytic activity
Cytotoxicity Assay
Antibacterial activity and extraction of bioactive compound from actinomycetes
Isolation and identification of harpacticoid copepod.
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Thomas, John, editor.
Amaresan, N., editor.
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