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Cosmopolitanism and the Enlightenment

Cosmopolitanism and the Enlightenment / edited by Joan-Pau Rubiés, Neil Safier.
9781009305372 (ebook)
9781009305341 (hardback)
9781009305327 (paperback)
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2023.
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As we face new global challenges - from climate change to the international political order - the need to re-examine the historical roots of cosmopolitanism and liberal principles on a global scale has become increasingly central to the political conversation. Cosmopolitanism and the Enlightenment brings together leading scholars in cultural history, the history of ideas and global politics in order to reassess the complexity of cosmopolitanism during the Enlightenment and its various interpretations over time. Through a fresh and revisionist perspective, the volume explores issues of universalism and cultural diversity, the idea of civilization, race, gender, empire, colonialism, global inequality, national patriotism, international and civil conflict, and other forms of political discourse, challenging the simple negative stereotype that the Enlightenment was inevitably hierarchical and Eurocentric. This timely intervention into the debate about the legacy of the Enlightenment highlights both the plurality and the continuing relevance of Enlightened cosmopolitanism to contemporary global concerns.
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May 01, 2023
Introduction: Cosmopolitanism and the Enlightenment
Enlightenment Cosmopolitanism in Perspective: Diversity, Natural Law and Reason in the Work of John Locke
The Cosmopolitan Paradox: Travel, Anthropology and the Problem Cultural Diversity in Early Modern Thought
Diderot's Philosophical History and the History of 'Monstrous Nature'
Geographies of Cosmopolitanism: Cartography, Natural History and Indigenous Knowledge in the Long Eighteenth Century
The Imperial, Global (Cosmopolitan) Dimensions of non-elite Colonial Scribal Cultures in the Early Modern Iberian Atlantic
Gendered Cosmopolitanism? The History of Women and the Science of Man in the Scottish Enlightenment
Cosmopolitanism and the creation of patriotic identities in the European Enlightenment: The case of Pietro Napoli Signorelli and his Storia critica de' teatri antichi e moderni
A Cosmopolitanism of Countervailing Powers: Resistance Against Global Domination in the Political Thought of Immanuel Kant and Quobna Ottobah Cugoano
Cosmopolitanism and Civil War.

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