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Chinese Archery Studies Theoretic and Historic Approaches to a Martial Discipline

Chinese Archery Studies [electronic resource] : Theoretic and Historic Approaches to a Martial Discipline / edited by Hing Chao, Lianzhen Ma, Loretta Kim.
1st ed. 2023.
Singapore : Springer Nature Singapore : Imprint: Springer, 2023.
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1 online resource (XVIII, 361 p.) 144 illus., 107 illus. in color.
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This book, the first research publication on China's archery culture to appear in the English language, introduces the historic development, key concepts, and research methodologies for archery studies. Archery was the most important weapon of war in pre-modern China; at the same time, archery practice was intimately tied to Confucius' cultural and pedagogic ideals. Chinese archery was divided into the domains of military archery (wushe) and ritual archery (lishe), and may be further distinguished into han (Chinese) and hu (barbarian) archery traditions. Bringing together the leading scholars in this field, including Ma Mingda, Stephen Selby, Ma Lianzhen, Peter Dekker, and others, this book presents the most comprehensive statement on archery studies to date. In particular, it provides an in-depth survey of archery development during the Qing period and offers a unique cultural perspective to understanding China's last imperial dynasty-through the lens of Manchu archery.
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May 09, 2023
Martial Studies, 1
Martial Studies, 1
Chapter 1. Introduction
Background: Theory, Material Culture & Literature
Chapter 2. Towards a Framework for Understanding Traditional Chinese Archery Culture, Ma Lianzhen
Chapter 3. Archery Books in China, Ma Mingda
Chapter 4. The Bows of China, Stephen Selby
Rituals and Transmission: Archery in Ancient China
Chapter 5. A Socio-Political Study of the Chinese Archery Rituals of the Zhou Period, Stephen Selby
Chapter 6. Archery Masters in Ancient China, Ma Mingda
Diplomacy & Exchange: China's Foreign Relations Through the Lens of Archery
Chapter 7. Banquet Archery at Yujinyuan Garden in the Song Dynasty, Ma Mingda
Chapter 8. Chinese Archery's Historic Influence on Japan, Ma Mingda
Archery in Manchu China: Diversity and Unity
Chapter 9
Manchu Archery, Peter Dekker
Chapter 10. Imperial Hunt in the Qing Dynasty, Geng Zhichu
Chapter 11
The Institution and Administration of Imperial Bowyers and Fletchers during the Qing Dynasty, Geng Zhichu
Chapter 12
Manchu Arrowheads, Kay Koppedrayer
Chapter 13. Solon Archery Tradition: Forgotten Martial Arts of an Elite Qing Force, Hing Chao in collaboration with Peter Dekker
Contemporary Revival & Development of Traditional Asian Archery
Chapter 14. Archery Rites: Remaking Confucian Rites, Sarah Kenderdine et el
Chapter 15. Korean Archery: Modern Transition and Development, Kim Ki-hoon
Chapter 16. Three Fundamental Conditions for the Revival of Traditional Chinese Archery.
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