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Politics of the Gift : Towards a Convivial Society

Politics of the Gift : Towards a Convivial Society / Frank Adloff.
Bristol, UK : Bristol University Press, 2022.
Baltimore, Md. : Project MUSE, 2022
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Drawing on French sociologist Marcel Mauss' influential theory of 'the gift', this book shows that trust is the only glue that holds societies together, and people are giving beings and they who can cooperate for the benefit of all when the logic of maximizing utility personal gain in capitalism is broken.
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Alternatives to capitalism in the 21st century
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Politics of the Gift: Towards a Convivial Society
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Table of contents
Introduction: From Capitalism's Crises to a Convivial Society
Part I An Anthropology of Giving
1 Self-interest, Altruism, and the Gift
Exchange and norms
Utilitarian approaches
Altruism or social capital?
2 Mauss' Gift
Asymmetry, the agonistic, and the non-agonistic gift
3 Homo Donator: A Different Anthropology
A pragmatist model of action and emotion
Embodied primary and secondary intersubjectivity in early childhood
Prosocial primates?
The will to cooperate
Part II Society's Gifts
4 Locating the Gift in Society
Ordinary vs. extraordinary gifts
Miso/meso/macro: where is the gift located?
The gift as a medium of symbolic communication
5 The Gift between Socialism and Capitalism
Mauss, the socialist
Beyond capitalism: solidarity economy and post-growth
6 Commodities, Values, Money, Gifts
Gifts, goods, and values
Mauss and money
Part III Crossing the Borders
7 Science and Technology, Nature and Conviviality
Science and instrumentality
Naturalism, culturalism, and other worldviews
A new conception of nature, science, and technology?
8 Gifts of Nature
A new conception of matter and life
Gifts, values, conviviality
Us and Gaia: conflict or alliance?
9 Civil Society, Conviviality, Utopia
Gift and civil society
Convivial practices
Conviviality: an analytical and normative model
Real utopias of conviviality
Part IV Worlds of Conviviality
10 Aesthetic Freedom, or The Gift of Art
Reconciling art and life?
11 Pluriversalism: Towards a European and Global Politics of Conviviality
Colonialism and postcolonialism
From universalism to pluriversalism
Beyond "development"
Quo vadis, Europe?
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