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Ramesses II, Egypt's ultimate pharaoh

Ramesses II, Egypt's ultimate pharaoh / Peter J. Brandt.
Columbus, GA : Lockwood Press, 2023.
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xxxii, 573 pages : illustrations(chiefly color), maps (chiefly color) ; 25 cm
"Ramesses II was the most magnificent and iconic pharaoh in Egyptian history. His reign was the longest, the most "monumental" in buildings and artwork, the most innovative in diplomacy, and even the most procreative, with over one hundred royal offspring. Drawing on the latest research, Peter J. Brand digs deep into Egyptian culture and archeology, revealing the mindset and motivations of Ramesses II. We find what his grand monuments reveal, and equally what they conceal. On the international scene, we peruse the diplomatic letters--often surprising, sometimes amusing--between Pharaoh and the kings of Babylon, Assyria, and the Hittite Empire. A courageous warrior in his prime, Ramesses was also a wise and visionary statesman. He ended six decades of war with the Hittite Empire by signing the first peace treaty in recorded history. In his later years Ramesses II became a living god, and finally an immortal legend. Forty years after Kenneth Kitchen's Pharaoh Triumphant, here at last is a fresh, engaging look at Ramesses II, Egypt's ultimate Pharaoh"-- Provided by publisher.
Variant and related titles
Ramesses the second, Egypt's ultimate pharaoh
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Online version: Brandt, Peter J. Ramesses II, Egypt's ultimate pharaoh Columbus, GA : Lockwood Press, 2023
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August 29, 2023
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Rise of the Ramessides : the reigns of Ramesses I and Sety I
Crown prince Ramesses and his career under Sety I
The early reign of Ramesses II
The Battle of Kadesh
Great of victories : Ramesses II's later wars
All the king's wives : Ramesses II's royal women
The royal children and their ideological role
The path to peace : international diplomacy and the end of the Egyptian-Hittite conflict
The silver treaty : the Egyptian-Hittite peace accords
Peace and brotherhood : diplomatic relations between the Egyptian and Hittite courts
A time of wonders : the earliest royal jubilees of Ramesses II and the first Hittite marriage alliance
Ramesses the great god
Rich in years : monumental construction and Hittite relations during the jubilee period
Twilight of the great god : Ramesses II's last years and his descendants
After life : the legacy of Ramesses II.

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