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Multifunctional Microbial Biosurfactants

Multifunctional Microbial Biosurfactants [electronic resource] / edited by Pankaj Kumar, Ramesh Chandra Dubey.
1st ed. 2023.
Cham : Springer Nature Switzerland : Imprint: Springer, 2023.
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1 online resource (XIV, 511 p.) 74 illus., 65 illus. in color.
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This book provides an overview of biosurfactants as biobased compounds, and highlights novel applications in several industries, including biotech, food processing, cosmetic, oil recovery/petroleum, pharmaceutical, detergent and textile. In the past few decades, biosurfactants have emerged as promising alternative surface-active agents to chemical surfactants due to their high biodegradability, low toxicity, multi-functionality under extreme pH and temperature conditions, long-term physicochemical stability, and their production from renewable sources. This book presents the fundamental aspects (classification, structure, genetics, and properties) of biosurfactants and how their features contribute to the global bioeconomy. Chapters from expert contributors discuss the latest screening, purification and characterization methods of new biosurfactants and biosurfactant-producing fungi and bacteria, including extremophiles. Particular attention is given to the role of biosurfactants in the formulation of sustainable agrochemicals, and their application as eco-friendly mosquitocidal agents, and biopesticides. Readers will discover a perspective on the antiviral activity of biosurfactants, in which the latest in vitro and in silico studies are discussed. Readers will also find more about the foremost therapeutic attributes of biosurfactant-mediated nanoparticles as next-generation drug delivery systems. Given its breadth, this book appeals to a wide readership, from students and academic researchers to scientists and professionals from industry, interested in the study and application of microbial surfactants.
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August 11, 2023
Chapter 1. Screening methods for biosurfactant producing microorganisms
Chapter 2. Purification assessment and assay of biosurfactant efficacy
Chapter 3. Methods of screening and applications of biosurfactants produced by Actinomycetes
Chapter 4. Methods of screening and applications of biosurfactants produced by cyanobacteria
Chapter 5. Fungal biosurfactants and its applications
Chapter 6. Production of biosurfactant by bacteria from extreme environments: Biotechnological potential and applications
Chapter 7. Microbial Biosurfactants: An Eco-friendly perspective for environmental remediation
Chapter 8. Lipopeptide and rhamnolipid biosurfactant as biopesticides
Chapter 9. Biosurfactants for the formulation of sustainable agrochemicals
Chapter 10. Biosurfactants: Role in plant growth promotion and disease management
Chapter 11. Rhamnolipids from Pseudomonas aeruginosa in the cleaning of polluted environments
Chapter 12. Mosquitocidal activity of biosurfactant
Chapter 13. Biosurfactants as promising surface-active agents: Current understanding and applications
Chapter 14. Role of Biosurfactant in enzyme production
Chapter 15. Biosurfactants in food processing industry
Chapter 16. Biosurfactant in cosmetic industry
Chapter 17. Applications of microbial biosurfactants in detergents
Chapter 18. Application of biosurfactant in petroleum
Chapter 19. Biosurfactants in medical industry
Chapter 20. Biosurfactants: An antiviral perspective
Chapter 21. Biosurfactants-mediated nanoparticles as next generation therapeutics
Chapter 22. Production Cost of Traditional Surfactants and Biosurfactants.
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