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Metabolomics, Proteomes and Gene Editing Approaches in Biofertilizer Industry

Metabolomics, Proteomes and Gene Editing Approaches in Biofertilizer Industry [electronic resource] / edited by Sukhminderjit Kaur, Vagish Dwibedi, Pramod Kumar Sahu, Gurvinder Singh Kocher.
1st ed. 2023.
Singapore : Springer Nature Singapore : Imprint: Springer, 2023.
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This edited book covers the major aspects of plant growth promoting bacteria and mechanisms underlining the phenotype in rhizobacteria. This book guides the researchers about the potential of plant growth promoting bacteria to be used as biofertilizers. The process of biofertilizer development and the process of testing its efficacy for commercial use and the potency is elaborated in this volume using suitable figures. The information in this book regarding the secretion of various secondary metabolites responsible for nutrient management is helpful for designing bioformulations that assist plant growth. This book provides substantial number of evidences that underlines the genomic basis of nutrient management by microbes. Essential information is provided regarding the genomic and proteomic background of the biofertilizers. The chapters in the book are divided into three sections. The first section of the book includes chapter 1-5 outlining the importance of rhizobacteria in elevating the nutrient levels in soil and augmenting the biotic and abiotic stress. Second section of the book includes chapter 6-11 elaborating the details about the biofertilizer, types of biofertilizer available and techniques involved in mass production of biofertilizers. Section third covers chapters from 12-15 providing the explicit information about metabolomics and proteomics basis of plant growth development. This collective work is distinct as it has focus on diverse emerging technologies which are high-throughput, scalable and applicable to different countries regardless of their socio-economic conditions. This book can improve the current state of knowledge and invoke researchers and innovators to take ahead the current inter-disciplinary knowledge into technologies that are readily available and effectively minimize hazards associated with chemical fertilizer.
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January 17, 2024
Chapter 1. Constrains in biofertilizer industry and future scopes
Chapter 2. Present scenario: Status of biofertilizer industry in India
Chapter 3. Mode of application of biofertilizer in crop fields
Chapter 4. Carrier based Biofertilizers
Chapter 5. Liquid biofertilizers
Chapter 6. Interaction of efficient rhizospheric bacteria and response in farmer's field
Chapter 7. Enhancing productivity through multiple microbial inoculants
Chapter 8. Challages in compatibility of microbial inoculants with agrochemicals
Chapter 9. Microbial metabolite-based products for plant growth promotion
Chapter 10. Microbes from wild plants: Challenges and opportunities to be used as inoculant
Chapter 11. Fungal biofertilizers: present trends and future prospects
Chapter 12. Endophytes as plant growth inducers: a whole new arena in the inoculant industry
Chapter 13. Immobilization and co-mobilization: An unexploited biotechnological tool for enhancing efficiency of biofertilizers
Chapter 14. Microbial biostimulants: Bioformulations for enhanced biofertilizer efficacy and sustainable crop management
Chapter 15. Omics approaches in strain improvement and new vistas in next-generation biofertilizers
Chapter 16. Metabolomics and proteomics behind plant growth promoting potential of rhizobacteria
Chapter 17. Proteomics in shaping future of biofertilizer delivery technique
Chapter 18. Application of nanosilica for plant growth promotion and crop improvement
Chapter 19. Industrial sustainability: Economics, cost and bioavailability of biofertilizers
Chapter 20. Phyllosphere engineering: tailoring leaf surface microbes for boosting plant tolerance. .

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