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Introduction to generative AI

Introduction to generative AI.
[First edition].
[Place of publication not identified] : Pragmatic AI Solutions, 2024.
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Introduction to Generative AI Get started with Generative AI and Large Language Models This introductory course is designed for beginners with no prior knowledge of generative AI. You will start by gaining a high-level understanding of what generative AI is and how it works. Through interactive lessons and hands-on examples, you will learn fundamental skills like providing effective prompts and iteratively improving the generated outputs. As the course progresses, you will dive deeper into specific major generative AI models, including their unique capabilities and limitations. Finally,, you will get practical experience using leading systems like GitHub Copilot, Qdrant, and OpenAI to generate code, and text. By the end, you will have developed core knowledge to start experimenting with generative AI in a responsible and effective way for a variety of applications. This course aims to provide a friendly introduction to prepare complete beginners for further exploration of this rapidly evolving technology. Learning objectives Learn to utilize Generative AI effectively Develop Generative AI software solutions Build solutions with Prompt Engineering to enhance Generative AI output Practice Labs Use the practice labs to test your knowledge and gain hands-on experience working with Python and Rust. These labs are based on GitHub templates that will help you to get started quickly and apply the knowledge in the course in building your own solutions. Learn Retrieval Augmented Generation: Azure Chat with OpenAI: Resources Azure LLMOps Practical MLOps book Rust Bootcamp Python Bootcamp.
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Introduction to generative artificial intelligence
O'Reilly Safari. OCLC KB.
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February 27, 2024
Alfredo Deza, instructor.
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Deza, Alfredo, instructor.
Pragmatic AI Solutions (Firm), publisher.

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