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Hydroponics and Environmental Bioremediation Wastewater Treatment

Hydroponics and Environmental Bioremediation [electronic resource] : Wastewater Treatment / edited by Nitish Kumar.
1st ed. 2024.
Cham : Springer Nature Switzerland : Imprint: Springer, 2024.
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Bioremediation is the use of biological interventions for mitigation of the noxious effects caused by pollutants in the environment including wastewater. It is very useful approach for a variety of applications in the area of environmental protection. It has become an attractive alternative to the conventional clean-up technologies that employ plants and their associated microorganisms to remove, contain, or render harmless environmental contaminants. Hydroponic systems, which utilize plants which are grown in a nutrient solution without soil, are expanding and raising great interest in the commercial and scientific community. They are engineered systems designed and constructed to utilize the natural processes involving macrophytes, media, and the associated microbial assemblages to assist in treating wastewaters. This is a relatively new approach in wastewater treatment by which a variety of emergent macrophytes are grown hydroponically on top of floating platforms with their roots developing freely into the flowing wastewater. The roots provide a support medium for attached microbial growth which participates in the treatment process.
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1. Hydroponics: A Significant Method for Phytoremediation
2. Bioremediation of wastewater using hydroponics
3. Sustainable Approach for Agriculture and Environmental Remediation using Hydroponics and their Perspectives
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10. Hydroponic root mats for wastewater treatment: a review
11. Soilless Cultivation of Plants for Phytoremediation
12. Effect Of Bio-Sorptive Removal Of Heavy Metals From Hydroponic Solution: A Review
13. Hydroponics Phytoremediation: An Overview
14. Hydroponics Removal of Wastewater's Contaminants.-.
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