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Classic essays on Jews in early modern Europe

Classic essays on Jews in early modern Europe / edited by Jonathan Karp and Francesca Trivellato.
Abingdon, Oxon ; New York, NY : Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2023.
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xxxix, 330 pages ; 25 cm.
Some articles translated from French, German, Hebrew, or Italian.
"Designed for both students and seasoned scholars, this volume provides an innovative guide to the study of the Jewish past from the late Middle Ages to the Enlightenment. It makes available seventeen contributions, published between 1872 and 1974, which are veritable landmarks in the scholarship on Jewish history in early modern Europe but have so far remained little accessible. Many are here translated into English for the first time, while all but one are not currently available in English online. The editors' introduction situates these classic essays in relation to the growing perception that the early modern period in Jewish history possesses its own distinctive features and identity. Accompanied by a rich bibliography, the volume highlights the many changes that the academic study of this vital phase of the Jewish past has undergone during the last hundred and fifty years"-- Provided by publisher.
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April 16, 2024
Classic essays in Jewish history
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Series introduction: Classic essays in Jewish history / Kenneth Stow
Volume introduction: A Jewish "Early Modern Period" [:] Avant la lettre? / Jonathan Karp and Francesca Trivellato
Notes on texts / [Jonathan Karp and Francesca Trivellato]
Author biographies / [Jonathan Karp and Francesca Trivellato]
1. "European and Jewish history: Do their epochs coincide?" / Cecil Roth
2. "Ghetto and emancipation : shall we revise the traditional view?" / Salo W. Baron
3. "Marriage and sexual life at the close of the Middle Ages" / Jacob Katz
4. "The woman of the ghetto: Part I" / Selma Stern
5. "The Marranos" / I.S. Révah
6. "The Shebet Yehudah and sixteenth-century historiography" / Abraham A. Neuman
7. "The amazing Abraham Colorni" / Cecil Roth
8. "The baptisms of the Jews of Rome from the sixteenth to the eighteenth centuries" / Attilio Milano
9. "Why was Spinoza banned?' / Jacob L. Teicher
10. "Poland's Council of the Four Lands and its relations with local Jewish community governments" / Simon Dubnow
11. "De non tolerandis Judaeis': On the introduction of Anti-Jewish laws into Polish towns and the struggle against them" / Jacob Goldberg
12. "The court Jews: Prelude to emancipation" / Francis L. Carsten
13. "The emergence of general education among German Jews before Mendelssohn" / Joseph Eschelbacher
14. "German pietism and the Jews" / Koppel S. Pinson
15. "The attitude of the Enlightenment toward the Jew" / Paul H. Meyer
16. "The economic activities of the Jews" / Shmuel Ettinger
17. Modern capitalism and Jewish fate" / Salo W. Baron.

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