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Counterfeiting labor's voice : William A. A. Carsey and the shaping of American reform politics

Counterfeiting labor's voice : William A. A. Carsey and the shaping of American reform politics / Mark A. Lause.
Urbana : University of Illinois Press, [2024]
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xv, 176 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm.
"Confidence man and canny operative, charlatan and manipulator--William A. A. Carsey emerged from the shadow of Tammany Hall to build a career undermining working-class political organizations on behalf of the Democratic Party. Mark A. Lause's biography of Carsey takes readers inside the bare-knuckle era of Gilded Age politics. An astroturfing trailblazer and master of dirty tricks, Carsey fit perfectly into a Democratic Party that based much of its post-Civil War revival on shattering third parties and gathering up the pieces. Lause provides an in-depth look at Carsey's tactics and successes against the backdrop of enormous changes in political life. As Carsey used a carefully crafted public persona to burrow into unsuspecting organizations, the forces he represented worked to create a political system that turned voters into disengaged civic consumers and cemented America's ever-fractious two-party system"-- Provided by publisher.
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William A. A. Carsey and the shaping of American reform politics
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Online version: Lause, Mark A. Counterfeiting labor's voice Urbana : University of Illinois Press, [2024]
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June 06, 2024
Working class in American history.
The working class in American history
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Prologue. Carsey's paternities : the son of the streets and the odysseys of Father Columbia
Paper party power broker : the entrepreneurial roots of labor reform insurgency
Independents and partisan pantomimes : the dilemma of third parties under a two-party system
Counterfeiting class : the secret society tradition and the deep origins of the American Federation of Labor
Monopolizing antimonopolism : Ben Butler and the preemption of insurgency
The path through populism : from Henry George to William Jennings Bryan
Epilogue. Carsey's progeny : the forgotten grandfather of American progressivism and the political unmaking of an American working class.

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