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Application of Biomaterials in the Treatment of Cardiovascular Diseases

Application of Biomaterials in the Treatment of Cardiovascular Diseases [electronic resource] / edited by Yi-Da Tang, Jing Yang, Yufeng Zheng, Yongjun Li, Yong Zeng.
1st ed. 2024.
Singapore : Springer Nature Singapore : Imprint: Springer, 2024.
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1 online resource (XII, 427 p.) 95 illus., 82 illus. in color.
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This book summarizes the recent advancements for biomaterials in the field of cardiovascular disease, including drug delivery system (gene, protein, drug), implant interventional instrument (heart valve, heart blocker, stent, artificial blood vessel, patch, artificial heart, cardiac pacemaker, etc.) have been innovated and applied to the clinical uses to treatment of cardiovascular disease. Through the summary of this book, readers will have comprehensive and advanced understanding of the application of biomaterials in the field of cardiovascular disease.
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May 08, 2024
Chapter 1. Summary (types of cardiovascular diseases, common clinical treatment methods and defects of cardiovascular diseases)
Chapter 2. Anatomy of heart and blood vessel
Chapter 3. Physicochemical Properties of The Ideal Materials for Cardiac Devices
Chapter 4. Drug Delivery Systems and Cardiovascular Disease (including genes, proteins, and chemosynthetic drugs)
Chapter 5. Manufacturing Methods of Materials for Cardiac Implant
Chapter 6. Stent &Pefusion Balloon
Chapter 7. Cardiac Valves
Chapter 8. Occlusion Devices for Cardiovascular Disease
Chapter 9. Prosthetic Vascular Grafts: Past, Present and Future
Chapter 10. Cardiac Patch
Chapter 11. Total Artificial Heart
Chapter 12. Cardiac Pacemaker and Defibrillator
Chapter 13. Future Challenges and Perspective.

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