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Personal names in cuneiform texts from Babylonia (c. 750-100 BCE) : an introduction

Personal names in cuneiform texts from Babylonia (c. 750-100 BCE) : an introduction / edited by Caroline Waerzeggers, Melanie M. Gross.
9781009291071 (ebook)
9781009291088 (hardback)
9781009291095 (paperback)
Cambridge, United Kingdom ; New York, NY : Cambridge University Press, 2024.
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Personal names provide fascinating testimony to Babylonia's multi-ethnic society. This volume offers a practical introduction to the repertoire of personal names recorded in cuneiform texts from Babylonia in the first millennium BCE. In this period, individuals moved freely as well as involuntarily across the ancient Middle East, leaving traces of their presence in the archives of institutions and private persons in southern Mesopotamia. The multilingual nature of this name material poses challenges for students and researchers who want to access these data as part of their exploration of the social history of the region in the period. This volume offers guidelines and tools that will help readers navigate this difficult material. The title is also available Open Access on Cambridge Core.
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May 22, 2024
Part One. Babylonian Names
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Babylonian Male Names / Julia Giessler
Babylonian Female Names / Laura Cousin and Yoko Watai
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