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The Black Legend of Spain and its Atlantic empire in the eighteenth century : constructing national identities

The Black Legend of Spain and its Atlantic empire in the eighteenth century : constructing national identities / edited by Catherine M. Jaffe and Karen Stolley.
Liverpool : Liverpool University Press, on behalf of Voltaire Foundation, University of Oxford, 2024.
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xiii, 378 pages : black and white illustrations ; 24 cm.
"What are the stories that we tell about ourselves and others, and how do those stories contribute to the construction of a collective memory and national identity? The Black Legend--the representation of Spaniards and the Spanish Empire as cruel and intolerant--first emerged in response to accounts of Spanish abuses during the sixteenth-century conquest period. It lived on in the eighteenth century in the context of evolving imperial, religious, and commercial rivalries in Europe and beyond, even as Spanish imperial power was waning, and cultural and political hegemony was shifting from Spain to France and England. This is the first book in English to focus on the Black Legend in the eighteenth century and the Enlightenment period. Scholars from the United States, Spain, and Latin America offer transnational and transdisciplinary approaches to understanding how the Black Legend was deployed during the construction of national identities in the eighteenth century. The essays' interconnecting themes--violence; intolerance; difference; the role of the Inquisition; the legacy of Bartolomé de las Casas and Columbus; transnational relations; translation and gender--informed the emergence of modern political systems and national identities, and still resonate in references to the Black Legend today."-- Back cover.
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June 03, 2024
Oxford University studies in the Enlightenment ; 2024:04.
Oxford University studies in the Enlightenment, 2024:04
Includes bibliographic references (pages 333-364) and index.
Introduction / Catherine M. Jaffe and Karen Stolley
Nobody expects the Spanish Enlightenment: victimhood and sense of European belonging in late eighteenth-century Spain / Antonio Calvo Maturana
Bartolomé de Las Casas and the Black Legend as a political problem in the Spanish Enlightenment: patriotism and victimhood / Nuria Soriano Muñoz
Debating the Black Legend in eighteenth-century New Spain: Francisco Javier Clavijero's Historia de la California / Karen Stolley
Inquisitorial mission or colonial protocol: rethinking the Spanish Black Legend in the long-eighteenth-century Cartagena de Indias / Ana María Díaz Burgos
Instrumentalizing the Black Legend, or: how Don Quixote's dis/enchantment set the French Enlightenment in motion / Carole Martin
Competing fictions in Italian exile: Spanish Jesuit literati and the Black Legend / Maria Soledad Barbón
Writing and translating the Black Legend: French and Italian literary constructions of the Spanish empire in the eighteenth century / Clorinda Donato
'We are now members of the same flock": gender, nation, and conversion in María Rosario Romero's 1792 translation of Graffigny's Lettres d'une Péruvienne / Catherine M. Jaffe
"He knew no music other than his own": Spain and isolation in biographies of Luigi Boccherini / Michael Vincent
The Black Legend in travel accounts: perceptions of Spain in eighteenth-century Dutch travel writing / David Freeman
The Black Legend: liberalism, natural right, and British abolitionism / Jonathan Crimmins
The victim as martyr: the Black Legend and eighteenth-century representations of Inquisition punishments, from Picart to Coustos to Goya / Reva Wolf
Epilogue / Catherine M. Jaffe and Karen Stolley

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