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Aquaculture and Conservation of Inland Coldwater Fishes

Aquaculture and Conservation of Inland Coldwater Fishes [electronic resource] / edited by Debajit Sarma, Suresh Chandra, Sumanta Kumar Mallik.
1st ed. 2024.
Singapore : Springer Nature Singapore : Imprint: Springer, 2024.
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1 online resource (XX, 495 p.) 95 illus., 75 illus. in color.
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This book provides the latest information on trans-Himalayan Hindu Kush Region (HKR) fisheries including the Indian Himalayan Region (IHR) as well as the historical context of its sustainable development for improving livelihood and nutritional security. The book serves as an important document to provide knowledge and information about the major concerns of environmental and anthropogenic factors that have impacted the population of certain important fishes in the ecosystem and the strategies and policies required for the conservation of these important groups of fishes, viz., Mahseer, snow trout, minor carp, catfishes, etc. The chapters describe the information to the readers on potential cold water and cool water fish species suitable for large-scale farming and propagation addressing the issues of diseases, nutrigenomics, and nanobiotechnology. This book also addresses the prospects and potential of recreational fishing in India and the scope for its improvement to generate more employment and income citing the success stories and primary information from reputed anglers. Finally, the book also elucidates a comprehensive yet representative description of many challenges associated with inland coldwater- cool water fisheries and aquaculture in HKR, IHR, and its way forward.
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June 10, 2024
1. Himalayan Fishery Resources: Treasury of Coldwater Fishes for Sustainable Aquaculture
2. Coldwater Aquaculture Scenario of the World
3. History of Rainbow Trout Aquaculture in India: Policies for Making a Footprint Towards Atma Nirbhar Bharat
4. Captive Maturation and Breeding of Magnificent Golden Mahseer (Tor Putitora): A Significant Step Towards Ex-Situ Conservation
5. Breeding and Seed Production of Chocolate Mahseer in Captivity
6. Embryonic and Early Larval Development of Snow Trout Schizothorax richardsonii (Grey): A Research Note
7. Freshwater Aquaculture Assuring the Food and Livelihood Security in India: A Decadal Perspective (2011-2022)
8. Nanotechnology for Sustainable Aquaculture
9. Coldwater Treasures: Exploring the Significance of Snow Trouts in the Highland Ecosystem of the Hindu-Kush Himalayan Region.-10. Freshwater Ornamental Fishes of India: Sustainable Management and Conservation
11. Nutritional Intervention for Inland Coldwater Aquaculture Practices in Hindu Kush Himalayan (HKH) Region
12. Feed Additives and Nutraceuticals Used in Aquafeeds for Improving the Feed and Nutrient Utilization Efficiency
13. Emerging Coldwater Fish Disease: Diagnosis and Treatment
14. Introduction to Prospectus of Application of Biotechnology and Genetic Tools in Research on Coldwater Fishes in the World
Health Management in Aquaculture: Prospective Role of Probiotics and Prebiotics
16. Antimicrobial Peptides and Their Role in Therapeutics
17. Status of Endemic Freshwater Ichthyofauna of Lower Subansiri River Under the Threats of Dam Construction and Anthropogenic Disturbances: An Assessment
18. Taxonomical Status of Endemic Fishes of Northeast India: A Fish Biodiversity Hotspot in The World
19. Recreational Fisheries Rally Round Mahseer Conservation in India
20. Mahseer Fisheries in India: Scope for Conservation and Generating Employment
21. The Hidden Danger in Indian Coldwater Aquaculture: How Pollutants Impact the Aquatic Environment?
22. Floodplain Wetlands of Ganga-Brahmaputra River Basins: Importance as Fisheries Resources and Their Conservation Needs
23. Ecological Characteristics of Reference Locations in Lotic Ecosystems of East Himalaya (India)
24. Inland Coldwater Fish and Their Contributions to Human Nutrition
25. Principle and Applications of Geographical Information System (GIS) In Coldwater Fisheries Development in India.

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