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Call My Net 1

Call My Net 1 / Linguistic Data Consortium.
[Philadelphia, PA] : [Linguistic Data Consortium], [2024]
Physical Description
1 online resource
Local Notes
Access is available to the Yale community.
Authors: Karen Jones, Kevin Walker, David Graff, Jonathan Wright, Stephanie Strassel.
Data source: telephone conversations.
Data type: sound.
Applications: speaker identification
LDC number: LDC2024S05.
Data: This corpus contains 2472 telephone recordings. Audio files are presented 2-channel, 16-bit, 8 kHz, PCM FLAC..
Audio in Yue Chinese, Mandarin Chinese, Cebuano, Tagalog
Title from resource home page (LDC website, viewed June 17, 2024).
Access and use
Access restricted by licensing agreement.
"Call My Net 1 was developed by the Linguistic Data Consortium and contains 364 hours of conversational telephone speech in four languages (Tagalog, Cebuano, Cantonese and Mandarin) collected in 2015 from 221 native speakers located in the Philippines and China along with metadata and speaker demographic information. Recordings and data from this collection were used to support the NIST 2016 Speaker Recognition Evaluation."--LDC online catalog.
Audio / Data Sets / Online
Multiple languages; English; Persian; Pushto; Urdu; Arabic
Added to Catalog
June 17, 2024
data file (contains the audio files by language)
docs file (contains documentation about the collection, calls, and speakers, as well as a file table).
Data sets.
Speech corpora.
Sound recordings.
Also listed under
Jones, Karen (Annotator), creator.
Linguistic Data Consortium, issuing body.

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