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Perspectives on a troubled decade : science, philosophy, and religion, 1939-1949 : tenth symposium

Perspectives on a troubled decade : science, philosophy, and religion, 1939-1949 : tenth symposium / edited by Lyman Bryson, Louis Finkelstein, R.M. MacIver.
New York : Conference on Science, Philosophy and Religion in their Relation to the Democratic Way of Life, Inc., 1950.
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xvii, 901 pages ; 21 cm
Local Notes
BEIN Gray Social Thought 3144: Dust jacket. From the library of Bradford H. Gray.
"Distributed by Harper & Brothers."
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June 01, 2002
Includes bibliographical references and index.
The role of psychologists in the establishment of better human relations / by Gardner Murphy
Genetic approach to aggression as part of the individual's total development / by Ruth Strang
Extension of neuropsychiatry and cultural behavior / by Richard M. Brickner
Some aphorisms on tension and human affairs in general / by Rudolf Allers
Science and the study of mankind / by Laura Thompson
Anthropology and ethics / by Eliot D. Chapple
The comparative study of cultures and the purposive cultivation of democratic values, 1941-1949 / by Margaret Mead
The concept of culture in American education / by Stewart G. Cole
Transformation of culture: A postscript from Japan / by George F. Rohrlich
Attempts at self-interpretation in contemporary Islam, Section II / by Gustave E. von Grunebaum
Ethical science / by Henry Margenau
Relativity, truth, and values / Philipp Frank
Science and world democracy / by Caryl P. Haskins
The institutionalization of social science and the problems of the conference / by Talcott Parsons
Group tensions in the modern world / by Joseph S. Roucek
Integration, 1939-1949, as seen by the political scientis: Level, locus, time, and temper / by Herman Finer
The universal peril: Perpetual crisis and the Garrison-Prison state / by Harold D. Lasswell
The negative revolutions and the union of Europe / by Carl J. Friedrich
Nationalism, communication, and community: An interim report / Karl W. Deutsch
Approaches to economic reform / by Eli Ginzberg
Economic research in the interest of peace / by Rupert B. Vance
The economics of technological change / by James Kip Finch
Does economic research build bridges? / Moritz J. Bonn
The ecology of public administration (The Tennessee Valley Authority as an example) / by George F. Gant
Administrative achievement in world organization / by Donald C. Stone
Unity in difference / by Edgar S. Brightman
Community of understanding: Its limits and possibilities / by Arthur E. Murhpy
Power, anomie and personality / by Walter G. Muelder
Education for social directon / by Henry N. Wieman
Freedom and rights / by Paul Weiss
The golden mean / by William Seifriz
New problems, new philosophers / by Harry A. Overstreet
The maladjusted ideology / by Lincoln Reis
Religion and secularism / by Ben Zion Bokser
The need for a spiritual revival (A Hindu view) / by Swami Nikhilananda
On the religious imagination / Richard Kroner
The perspective of modern materialism / by Roy W. Sellars
Theology and cultural incoherence: A restatement / by Amos N. Wilder
The motivational power of Christianity for democracy / by Nels F. S. Ferre
Religious philosophy and intergroup progress / by John LaFarge, S. J.
Supplement to "The Christian Basis for Enduring Peace" / by John C. Benett
Progress toward integration in morality / by Robert M. Scoon
In re-accentuation of the negative / by T. V. Smith
On nurturing the democratic ideal in society / by Simon Greenberg
The stake of the arts in the democratic way of life: A postscript / by Walter Pach
Art as one of the bridges of cultural understanding: Retrospect and prospect / by Milton C. Nahm
The Destiny of nations / by Lyman Bryson
World community and the relations of cultures / by Richard P. McKeon
Economic foundations of international organization / by Jacob Viner
'Twixt chaos and conformism / by Clem C. Linnenberg, Jr.
Conference papers and proceedings.
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Bryson, Lyman, 1888-1959, editor.
Finkelstein, Louis, 1895-1991, editor.
MacIver, Robert M. (Robert Morrison), 1882-1970, editor.
Bradford H. Gray Collection in the History of Social Thought (Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library)
United States New York (State) New York.

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