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The civil sphere

The civil sphere / Jeffrey C. Alexander.
0195162501 (cloth)
Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2006.
Physical Description
xix, 793 p. ; 25 cm.
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August 02, 2006
Includes bibliographical references (p. 723-785) and index.
Possibilities of justice
Real civil societies : dilemmas of institutionalization
Bringing democracy back in : realism, morality, solidarity
Discourses : liberty and repression
Communicative institutions : public opinion, mass media, polls, associations
Regulative institutions (1) : voting, parties, office
Regulative institutions (2) : the civil force of law
Contradictions : uncivilizing pressures and civil repair
Social movements as civil translations
Gender and civil repair : the long and winding road through m/otherhood
Race and civil repair (1) : duality and the creation of a black civil society
Race and civil repair (2) : the civil rights movement and communicative solidarity
Race and civil repair (3) : civil trauma and the tightening spiral of communication and regulation
Race and civil repair (4) : regulatory reform and ritualization
Integration between difference and solidarity
Encounters with the other
The three pathways to incorporation
The Jewish question : anti-semitism and the failure of assimilation
Answering the Jewish question in America : before and after the Holocaust
Conclusion : civil society as a project.

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