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Privacy and power : a transatlantic dialogue in the shadow of the NSA-Affair

Privacy and power : a transatlantic dialogue in the shadow of the NSA-Affair / edited by Russell A. Miller, Washington and Lee University, Virginia.
9781107154049 (hardback)
1107154049 (hardback)
9781316609101 (pbk.)
1316609103 (pbk.)
Cambridge, United Kingdom ; New York, NY : Cambridge University Press, 2017.
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xxiv, 786 pages ; 24 cm.
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July 28, 2017
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Introduction : privacy and power : a transatlantic dialogue in the shadow of the NSA-Affair / Russell A. MIller
Foucault's panopticon : a model for NSA surveillance? / Sarah Horowitz
A rose by any other name? the comparative law of the NSA-Affair / Russell Miller
Privacy as a public good / Joshua Fairfield and Christoph Engel
The right to data protection : a no right thesis / Ralf Poscher
Privacy, rechtsstaatlichkeit, and the legal limits on extraterritorial surveillance / Anne Peters
Privacy, hypocrisy, and a defense of surveillance / Benjamin Wittes
Sensing disturbances in the force : unofficial reflections on developments and challenges in the U.S.-Germany security relationship / Ronald Lee
Metadeath : how does metadata surveillance inform lethal consequences? / Margaret Hu
"We're in this together" : reframing E.U. responses to criminal unauthorized disclosures of U.S. intelligence activities / Andrew Borene
Fourth Amendment Rights for Nonresident Aliens / Alec Walen
Forget about it? harmonizing European and American protections for privacy, free speech, and due process / Dawn Carla Nunziato
The challenge of limiting intelligence agencies' mass surveillance regimes : why western democracies cannot give-up on communication privacy / Konstantin von Notz
German exceptionalism? The debate about the German foreign intelligence service (BND) / Stefan Heumann
The National Socialist Underground (NSU) case : structural reform of intelligence agencies' involvement in criminal investigations? / Marc Engelhart
Legal restraints on the extraterritorial activities of Germany's intelligence services / Klaus Gärditz
Assessing the CJEU's "google decision" : a tentative first approach / Johannes Masing
Towards multilateral standards for foreign surveillance reform / Ian Brown, Morton H. Halperin, Ben Hayes, Ben Scott & Mathias Vermeulen
Espionage, security interests, and human rights in the second machine age : NSA mass surveillance and the framework of public international law / Silja Voeneky
The need for an institutionalized and transparent set of domestic legal rules governing transnational intelligence-sharing in democratic societies / Susana Sanchez Ferro
Developments in European data-protection law in the shadow of the NSA-Affair / Jens-Peter Scheider
Why blanket surveillance is no security blanket : data retention in the UK after the European data-retention directive / Lucia Zedner
Do androids forget European sheep? : the CJEU's concept of a "right to be forgotten" and the German perspective / Bernd Holznagel & Sarah Hartmann
Adequate transatlantic data exchange in the shadow of the NSA-Affair / Els De Busser
The intimacy of Stasi surveillance, the NSA-Affair, and contemporary German cinema / Laura Heins
Hans Fallada, the Nazis, and the defense of privacy / Roger Crockett
"It runs its secret course in public" : Watching the Mass Ornament with Dr. Mabuse / Summer Renault-Steele
Secrecy, surveillance, spy fiction : myth-making and the misunderstanding of trust in the transatlantic intelligence relationship / Eva Jobs
CITIZENME : what Laura Poitras got wrong about the NSA-Affair / Russell Miller & Stephen Chovanec.

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