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The American Law Institute : a centennial history

The American Law Institute : a centennial history / edited by Andrew S. Gold and Robert W. Gordon.
New York : Oxford University Press, [2023]
Physical Description
xv, 482 pages : illustrations (16 unnumbered plates) ; 25 cm.
"This book collects together a series of original essays in honor of the American Law Institute's Centennial. The essays are authored by leading experts in their fields, often including current and former Restatement Reporters. The essays also provide a wide range of perspectives on both methodology and the law. The volume coverage focuses on: specific ALI undertakings, including some of the more important Restatements and Codes; several leading Principles projects; statutory projects such as the Model Penal Code and the Uniform Commercial Code; themes that cut across substantive fields of law (such as Restatements and codification or Restatements and the common law); and the ALI's institutional history over the past century. The resulting book is a unique and compelling contribution to its fields of study"-- Provided by publisher.
Other formats
Online version: Gold, Andrew S. The American Law Institute New York : Oxford University Press, [2023]
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June 21, 2023
Includes bibliographical references and index.
The American Law Institute at 100 : a three decade personal reflection / Roberta Cooper Ramo
The need for restatement of the common law : a long look back / David J. Seipp
The work of the American Law Institute in historical context / Kenneth S. Abraham and G. Edward White
Restating the law in the shadow of codes : the ALI in its formative era / Deborah A. DeMott
Canon and fireworks : reliance in the restatements of contracts and reliance on them / Richard R.W. Brooks
Conflict of laws in the ALI's first century / Symeon C. Symeonides
The restatements of trusts : revisited / Naomi R. Cahn, Deborah Gordon, and Allison Tait
Torts in the American Law Institute / John C. P. Goldberg
The restatement of property : the curse of incompleteness / Thomas W. Merrill
The international law profile of the ALI / George A. Bermann
Constructing a legal field : the restatement of the law governing lawyers / W. Bradley Wendel
A short history of the restatement of restitution and unjust enrichment / Emily Sherwin
The Uniform Commercial Code and the ongoing quest for an efficient and fair commercial law / Robert E. Scott
From restatement to model penal code : the progress and perils of criminal law reform / Kimberly Kessler Ferzan
Special interests at the gate : the ALI corporate governance project, 1978-1992 / William W. Bratton
The ALI principles of the law of family dissolution : addressing family inequality through functional regulation / Linda C. McClain and Douglas NeJaime
Aggregationists at the barricades : assessing the impact of the principles of the law of aggregate litigation / Linda S. Mullenix
Restatements and realists / Robert W. Gordon
The Restatements as law / Frederick Schauer
Restatements and the common law / Andrew A. Gold and Henry E. Smith
Past and present ALI projects.

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