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JFK's foreign affairs and international crises dataset

JFK's foreign affairs and international crises dataset, 1961-1963.
[Farmington Hills, Mich.] : [Gale, Cengage Learning], [between 2010 and 2018?]
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Access is available to the Yale community.
Date range of documents: 1961-1964.
Source library: John F. Kennedy Presidential Library.
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Dataset of materials for text data mining (TDM) from the National Security File collections on President Kennedy's views on foreign affairs, U.S. leadership of the "West," American efforts to support Third World countries, balance of payments and foreign trade, Alliance for Progress and relations with Latin America, nuclear weapons and testing, NATO and the Multilateral Force in Europe, Southeast Asia and regional security, foreign aid and military assistance, and the international space race. Includes records of the Arms Control & Disarmament Agency, Defense Department, National Security Council, State Department, and the White House.
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John Fitzgerald Kennedy's foreign affairs and international crises dataset
Archives unbound dataset collection.
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November 04, 2019
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Kennedy, John F. (John Fitzgerald), 1917-1963, contributor.
Gale (Firm), publisher.
John F. Kennedy Library, owner.

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