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Mount Rainier, a record of exploration

Mount Rainier, a record of exploration, ed. by Edmond S. Meany.
New York, The Macmillan company, 1916.
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xi, 325 p. front., 16 port. 23 cm.
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June 01, 2002
The mountain discovered and named, 1792, by G. Vancouver.
First approach to the mountain, 1833, by W. F. Tolmie.
First recorded trip through Naches pass, 1841, by R. E. Johnson.
Tacoma and the Indian legend of Hamitchou, by T. Winthrop.
First attempted ascent, 1857, by A. V. Kautz.
First successful ascent, 1870, by H. Stevens.
Indian warning against demons, by Sluiskin, Indian guide.
Second successful ascent, 1870, by S. F. Emmons.
Explorations of the northern slopes, 1881-1883, by B. Willis.
Discovery of Camp Muir, 1888, by E. S. Ingraham.
Exploring the mountain and its glaciers, 1896, by I. C. Russell.
McClure's achievement and tragic death, 1897, by H. L. Bruce and H. H. McAlister.
Field notes on mount Rainier, 1905, by H. Landes.
Glaciers of mount Rainier, by F. E. Matthes.
The rocks of mount Rainier, by G. O. Smith.
The flora of mount Rainier, by C. V. Piper.
Creation of mount Rainier national park; memorial by scientific societies.
Mount Rainier is 14,408 feet high, by the United States Geological survey.
Place names and elevations in mount Rainier national park.

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