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The great nation of futurity : the discourse and temporality of American national identity

The great nation of futurity : the discourse and temporality of American national identity / Patricia L. Dunmire.
New York, NY : Oxford University Press, [2023]
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x, 200 pages : Illustrations (tables) ; 24 cm.
"The Great Nation of Futurity is situated within the discourse and ideology of American exceptionalism which has undergirded the nation's identity throughout its history. It draws out the temporal dimension of the exceptionalist ideology, namely the construal of America as the "great nation of futurity," and examines how this identity manifests linguistically and functions rhetorically in Cold War foreign policy discourse. Working within a critical discourse analytic framework, Patricia L. Dunmire examines the space-times construed within foreign policy discourse and demonstrates that these consistently position the United States in a privileged position vis-à-vis the future. This positioning, in turn, sanction a foreign policy approach focused on global future design"-- Publisher's description.
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Discourse and temporality of American national identity
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October 11, 2023
Oxford studies in sociolinguistics.
Oxford studies in sociolinguistics
Includes bibliographical references (pages 181-194) and index.
Futurity, National Identity, and American Foreign Policy Discourse
"America's Most Precious Natural Resource" : The Temporality of American Exceptionalism
"Vistas to the Future" : Shaping the Postwar Future
"New Vistas of Opportunity" : Modernizing the Other
"Alerting America" : The Committee on the Present Danger and the Re-Securitization of the Soviet Union
From the American Century to the End of History : An American Future of Democratic Peace
The Future of American Exceptionalism.

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