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Augustus through the ages : receptions, readings and appropriations of the historical figure of the first Roman emperor

Augustus through the ages : receptions, readings and appropriations of the historical figure of the first Roman emperor / Marco Cavalieri, Pierre Assenmaker, Mattia Cavagna, David Engels (eds.).
[Bruxelles] : Société d'études latines de Bruxelles - Latomus, 2022.
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595 pages : illustrations (some color), facsimiles, portraits ; 24 cm.
Contains papers which were originally presented at an international conference held at the Royal Library of Belgium in Brussels, November 6-8, 2014. The conference papers have undergone peer review and revision, some papers were excluded, and additional papers were solicited to round out the topical content of the volume.
Contributions in English, French, Italian, and German.
In the wake of the many works dedicated to Augustus and his time in 2014 and the following years, the present volume aims to underline the enduring importance of the first emperor throughout Western cultural history. By adopting a multidisciplinary approach combining political, cultural, literary and art history, the papers collected in this book shed light on the multiple interpretations and appropriations of Augustus from his death to the present days.
Variant and related titles
Receptions, readings and appropriations of the historical figure of the first Roman emperor
English; French; Italian; German
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October 26, 2023
Collection Latomus ; v. 366.
Collection Latomus ; v. 366
Includes bibliographical references.
Augustus through the ages : introduction / Marco Cavalieri, Pierre Assenmaker, Mattia Cavagna, David Engels
Inaugural lecture. D'un anniversaire à l'autre : Auguste et la notion de pax entre Fascisme et époque modeme / Giovanni Brizzi
The memory of Augustus in antiquity.
Alcune osservazioni sulla memoria postuma di Augusto nelle immagini / Matteo Cadario
Augustan images of legitimacy : the numismatic memory of Augustus (AD 14-268) / Liesbeth Claes
Auguste à l 'époque de Trajan : l'exemple surpassé / Martin Galinier
Augustus' fame in late antiquity : from Constantine to Theodosius / Diederik Burgersdijk
The figure of Augustus in medieval literature and iconography.
Les péripéties du premier empereur romain : du Romanz d'Othevien (XIIIe s.) à l'Othovien en prose (XVe s.) / Marco Maulu
Octovien et la scène : histoire et drame à la fin du Moyen Âge / Jelle Koopmans
La figure de l'empereur Auguste dans l'historiographie française et bourguignonne (fin du Moyen Âge - début du XVIe siècle) / Mattia Cavagna
The iconography of Emperor Augustus with the Tiburtine Sibyl in the Low Countries : an overview / Jeroen Reyniers
Augustus in culture and politics from Humanism to the 19th century.
The memory of Augustus and Augustan Rome in Humanist Latin poetry / Susanna de Beer
Caesar Augustus and Shakespeare / Elizabeth Oakley-Brown
A role model twice removed? Cosimo I de' Medici as new Augustus / Andrea M. Gáldy
Fu vera gloria? La fortuna d 'Augusto nella storia della letteratura italiana / Marco Cavalieri
Ancient readings and modem reinterpretations of Augustus' clemency towards Cinna / Ida Gilda Mastrorosa
In pace Augusto : Augustan motifs in Napoleon's public image / Agnieszka Fulińska
pt. IV. Appropriations of Augustus in totalitarian regimes.
The Istituto di Studi Romani and the idea of Rome, from Augustus to the Fascist era / Jan Nelis
Square, politics and propaganda : the redesign of the Piazza Augusto Imperatore in Rome during the Ventennio / Klaus Tragbar
Der Caudillo als nouus Augustus : zur Augustusrezeption in den ersten Jahren der franquistischen Herrschaft in Spanien / Timo Klär
Augustus-Rezeption im Nationalsozialismus / Heinrich Schlange-Schoningen
Augustus in contemporary literature and popular culture.
God bless you, Caesar Augustus? Appropriations of Augustus' memory in Kurt Vonnegut's postmodern prose / Elina A.S. Pyy
"The world was my poem" : reinventing Augustus as a literary hero / Jörg Fündling
"Pourvu qu'Octave ne se prenne pas désormais pour un phénomène!" De l'adolescence d'Octave dans Alix à la vieillesse d'Auguste dans Alix Senator / Julie Gallego
Videsne, ut cinaedus orbem digito temperat? Augustus, homosexuality and the reception of Suetonius, Augustus 68 in popular culture / Aleksandra Kle̜czar
Gaio Giulio Cesare Augusto digitale : traduzioni e appropriazioni della figura di Augusto nei videogiochi / Mattia Thibault, Vincenzo Idone Cassone.

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