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Conflicts of power in modern culture : seventh symposium

Conflicts of power in modern culture : seventh symposium / edited by Lyman Bryson, Louis Finkelstein, R.M. MacIver.
New York : Conference on Science, Philosophy and Religion in their Relation to the Democratic Way of Life, Inc., 1947.
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xx, 703 pages ; 21 cm
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BEIN Gray Social Thought 3140: Dust jacket. From the library of Bradford H. Gray.
"Distributed by Harper."
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June 01, 2002
Includes bibliographical references and index.
The escape from power in the Western world / Hans J. Morgenthau; comments by Henry Margenau, George B. de Huszar
Western culture and scientific method / Henry Margenau; comments by Rudolf Allers, David Bidney
Certain primary sources and patterns of aggression in the social structure of the Western world / Talcott Parsons
Cumulative power tendencies in Western culture / Walter G. Muelder; comments by Henry N. Wieman
Science and emotional outlets / Mark Graubard
Individual differences and cultural patterns / Charles Morris
Mediating concepts in contrasting world cultures / Ralph Tyler Flewelling
The influence of recent social changes on the desire for social mobility in the United States / Robert J. Havighurst
Toward a religion with worldwide transforming power / F.S.C. Northrop; comments by Philipp Frank, Euryalo Cannabrava
The influence of religion on power relationships / F. Ernest Johnson; comments by Dwight J. Bradley
The influence of institutional Christianity upon secular power / William Stuart Nelson; comments by F. Ernest Johnson
The effect of religion on organized labor as a power agency in Western culture / Dwight J. Bradley
The economic channeling of personal power as related to cultural fulfillment / Ordway Tead
Rabbinic Judaism and the problem of egoism / Ben Zion Bokser; comments by F. Ernest Johnson
Christianity and the control of power / Nels F.S. Ferré; comments by Edgar S. Brightman, Erwin R. Goodenough
The Eastern Orthodox Church or the new atom bomb / Leon L. Matthias
The medieval church as a restraint upon economic and political ambition / Quirinus Breen
Symbols of conflict : some language structure aspects of culture conflicts / Wendell Johnson; comments by Leon L. Matthias
The potential influences of the American churches in exercising effective control in human relations / William Warren Sweet
Ideas, ideals, and idols / Rudolf Allers; comments by Edgar S. Brightman
Ideas and ideals as sources of power in the modern world / Louis Wirth
Culture and truth / Edgar S. Brightman; comments by Hudsin Hoagland, Swami Akhilananda
Culture and man's idea of man / Lincoln Reis
The power of economic theory / Eli Ginzberg
The religion of progress : an element of power in modern social movements / Albert Salomon; comments by Edgar S. Brightman
Prosperity versus peace : the political consequences of a new economic fallacy / Michael A. Heilperin
The uses of aggressiveness and power / Malcolm Sharp; comments by Rudolf Allers, Edgar S. Brightman
The role of political power in the modern world : power politics in national and international affairs / Thomas K. Finletter; comments by Alfred L. Burt
International aspects of power politics / Pitman B. Potter; comments by Quincy Wright
The power concept in modern historical writing / Friedrich Engel-Janosi
The problem of nationalism / Alfred L. Burt
The relations of universal culture to power politics / Quincy Wright
Remarks on Soviet power politics / Waldemar Gurian
The crisis of peace and power in the atom age / Karl W. Deutsch
UNESCO and the runaway mount / James Marshall
Culture and power in the modern world / Caryl P. Haskins.
Conference papers and proceedings.
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Bryson, Lyman, 1888-1959, editor.
Finkelstein, Louis, 1895-1991, editor.
MacIver, Robert M. (Robert Morrison), 1882-1970, editor.
Bradford H. Gray Collection in the History of Social Thought (Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library)
United States New York (State) New York.

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